Cryptocurrency Websites Report Phishing Attacks Amid Market Crash

As the crypto market crashed, several crypto big data websites were hit by cyberattacks, tricking users into connecting their crypto wallets through a scam pop-up. A scam pop-up appeared on several famous websites, including CoinGecko, Etherscan, DeFi Pulse and others, encouraging users to connect their MetaMask wallets to use on the site. This wallet is … Read more

Lazarus Group Behind $540M Axie Infinity Crypto Hack & Chemicals Sector Attacks

Lazarus Group Behind 540M Axie Infinity Crypto Hack Chemicals

The US Treasury Department has implicated the North Korean-backed Lazarus Group (aka Hidden Cobra) in the theft of $540 million from the Ronin Network of the Axie Infinity video game last month. Thursday, the Treasury attached Ethereum wallet address who received the funds stolen from the threat actor and sanctioned the funds by adding the … Read more

When Computer Attacks Target Hardware

1649502225 When Computer Attacks Target Hardware

Hackers and researchers are increasingly interested in hardware attacks on electronic devices. These make it possible to circumvent security protocols, to track Internet users or quite simply to destroy machines. At the mention of a computer attack, one thinks above all of a virus making its way through the meanders of lines of code. The … Read more

Emergency Cipher Theft Warning Issued For Billions Of Android And iPhone Users – Coinbase And Metamask Attacks Are Ongoing

According to new research, iPhone and Android users could be at risk of having their crypto stolen by a “sophisticated malicious cryptocurrency scheme”. Subscribe Now to Forbes CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor and successfully navigate the latest crypto price rally Malicious apps are being distributed via fake websites, mimicking legitimate wallet services such as Metamask and … Read more