revamps its listing and bids farewell to several popular tokens – BeinCrypto

Cryptocom revamps its listing and bids farewell to several popular.webp is cleaning up its tokens and dropping a few popular coins, promising a possibly less bright future for the platform. When token popularity isn’t everything for Certainly, some parts will have to continue to prove themselves. The crypto winter has already undeniably transformed the reputation of some cryptocurrencies and mistrust has grown towards … Read more

Ed Sheeran concert: news about how blockchain tickets work – BeinCrypto

Ed Sheeran is one of the first to experiment with blockchain tickets. If the announcement had been made last fall, we know more about this new ticketing system. A new app for blockchain tickets Since the incident at the Stade de France, securing event tickets has become essential in the country. But while the government … Read more

Yuga Labs Files Lawsuit Against Artist Ryder Ripps for NFT Trademark Infringement – BeinCrypto

Yuga Labs, creator of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, has filed a lawsuit against artist Ryder Ripps for alleged trademark infringement. L’lawsuitfiled in the Central California District Court, claims that Mr. Ripps’ “deliberate move” to devalue genuine Bored Ape NFTs by “scamming consumers into buying his own copycat NFTs…is … Read more

New Episode for Soap of the Year Do Kwon and Terra Luna: Laundering and Price Manipulation – BeinCrypto

Do Kwon and the Terra ecosystem have not finished spilling ink on the implosion of the project and the nefarious role of the founder of TerraForm Labs, which affected the entire cryptocurrency industry. According to new information that has recently surfaced, the Terra Luna scandal is expanding to new horizons after additional revelations. Prosecuted or … Read more

EU plans to finalize two crypto laws by the end of the month – BeinCrypto

The European Union (EU) is accelerating its plans to regulate the digital asset sector. By the end of the month, the European Parliament will finalize two crypto-focused laws. Patrick Hansen, Crypto Investment Advisor, said that this regulation will have “a huge impact on the crypto market both inside and outside the EU”. The two crypto … Read more

Harmony (ONE) Offers $1M Bounty to Horizon Bridge Hacker – BeinCrypto

Last week, Harmony Protocol lost $100 million due to one of its bridges. Now the company is offering the hacker a $1 million bounty on the condition that he return the funds and explain the flaw that allowed him to achieve his ends. In addition, Harmony (ONE) assures that it will do everything possible to … Read more

USDT in turmoil: The stablecoin Tether falls victim to an explosive wave of speculation – BeinCrypto

USDT was singled out at the start of the crypto winter, when it lost parity with the dollar. With the crisis, stablecoins seem threatened… but the fault would not lie solely with the whims of the market. An upcoming dive for USDT? Speculation has never done cryptocurrencies any good and yet it is still as … Read more

ApeCoin (APE) : comment ça marche ? – BeinCrypto France

ApeCoin APE comment ca marche BeinCrypto France

Yuga Labs a incontestablement bouleversé la crypto-sphère avec ses collections Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) et Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). Après avoir connu un succès sans précédent, l’entreprise a lancé son token ApeCoin (APE) qui a suscité tout autant d’intérêt que ses NFT. Malgré ses fluctuations et sa faible capitalisation boursière, ApeCoin (APE) est … Read more

Crypto Crash: What Should Industry Leaders Do To Avoid This In The Future? – BeinCrypto France

Crypto Crash What Should Industry Leaders Do To Avoid This

The recent crypto crash presents an opportunity for decentralized finance (DeFi) firms to rethink how this entire system works. And according to Kieran Mesquitachief scientist of RAILGUNthis gives us a chance to rebuild it. There are some steps crypto businesses and projects can take now to create a more secure and stable future for decentralized … Read more

Are NFTs really collapsing? Enthusiasts continue to trust the market – BeinCrypto UK

Non-fungible tokens are starting to go out of fashion following the fall in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, some irreducible people undoubtedly think the opposite. Is the end of NFTs less close than we think? At the beginning of May, the crypto crisis still seemed far from the NFT economy. Despite the loss in coin value that transformed … Read more