Crypto Enthusiasts Bet The House On Creative Destruction

Earlier this year, an Irish company that hosts an annual tech conference in Toronto called Collision decided to celebrate cryptocurrency’s “day in the sun,” as the blurb put it, by inviting its luminaries to speak. . Oops. By the time Collision finally happened this week, 35,000 attendees showed up, but eight of the few dozen … Read more

A $150M crypto bet lost for the Caisse de dépôt?

A 150M crypto bet lost for the Caisse de depot

Ironically, at the time of CDPQ’s investment, Celsius was already in the crosshairs of market authorities in Texas and New Jersey. (Photo: Getty Images) LES KEYS DE LA CRYPTO is a section that patiently decodes the world of cryptocurrency and its stock market, industrial and media turmoil. François Remy’s mission is to identify promising entrepreneurs, … Read more

Here is a less risky way to bet on cryptocurrencies, via the Stock Exchange |

Here is a less risky way to bet on cryptocurrencies

This article was written exclusively for Cryptocurrencies in a bad patch since November 2021 Buying on bad corrections turns out to be the optimal approach Many investors are not comfortable with cryptocurrency wallets. BITQ is a stew of cryptos BITQ should follow Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices. Turning a five cent investment into over $31,500 … Read more

Crypto and Sport Bet on a Winning Combination to Entice Fans

Crypto and Sport Bet on a Winning Combination to Entice

When stamped its name on the main sports arena in Los Angeles, crypto exchange boss Kris Marszalek said the $700 million deal marked “the moment when cryptocurrencies . . . crossed the chasm into the mainstream”. The renaming of the LA Lakers National Basketball Association’s home team in November opened the floodgates to a … Read more

Will The Dubai Cryptocurrency Bet Pay Off? Investment Monitor – Tech Tribune France

Will The Dubai Cryptocurrency Bet Pay Off Investment Monitor

Dubai hopes its efforts to become a cryptocurrency hub will attract foreign investment. (Photo by Mo Azizi/Shutterstock) The news that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) national airline, Emirates, plans to accept payment in Bitcoin is a watershed moment in the country’s long-standing ambition to become one of the leading hubs of digital assets. in the … Read more

Bitcoin: Which Cryptos Could Be A Better Bet? – Tech Tribune France

BBecause there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, crypto investors are very interested in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity because they allow fast and transparent transaction payments. With a CAGR of 7.1%, the global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach US$2.2 billion in 2026. Besides Bitcointhe most popular cryptocurrency in the world, there are … Read more

MicroStrategy’s bitcoin bet looks shaky and is now underwater – Reuters News in France and abroad

Raphael Henrique | light flare | Getty Images MicroStrategy, the enterprise software maker that has been betting big on bitcoin for the past two years, is now underwater on its holdings of the world’s largest cryptocurrency due to the market slide. Bitcoin traded around $28,500 each on Thursday afternoon, recovering from earlier losses that took … Read more

“This year, I bet we will have an 85% green bitcoin”: can mining be green?

While bitcoin is energy-intensive, so-called “green” mining farms have sprung up like mushrooms in the space of a few years. Each new bitcoin released on the blockchain has an additional impact on the planet. Bitcoins are created in places called “mining farms” using the computing power of many machines and computers. However, running all these … Read more

Short Sellers Bet Tether, The Crypto Central Bank, Is Vulnerable To A Run

Short Sellers Bet Tether The Crypto Central Bank Is Vulnerable

A few investment firms, including Fir Tree Partners and Viceroy Research LLC, have been betting in recent months that the tether’s price will fall, according to people familiar with the matter. Tether is the most popular currency for bitcoin trading and is supposed to have a fixed value pegged to the US dollar. Some hedge … Read more