Biswap, Binance’s New Strategic Partner, Is Growing in Popularity

Biswap Binances New Strategic Partner Is Growing in Popularity

The current context within exchanges makes it easy to get lost. However, the Web3 revolution is well under way, and the need for decentralization is more present than ever. In this context, there are players like Biswap that place users at the heart of their ecosystem. This decentralized exchange platform, with remarkable ergonomics, is the … Read more

Maintaining Binance’s BUSD Peg: Changpeng Zhao’s Not Always Easy Puzzle

1673595866 Maintaining Binances BUSD Peg Changpeng Zhaos Not Always Easy Puzzle

When the mechanism for obtaining stability is itself unstable – Guarantee the fixed value of a cryptocurrency backed by another asset while maintaining good capital efficiency represents a major challenge, which has been partially resolved at present. Just like the blockchain subject to the security, scalability and decentralization trilemma, the stablecoins must constantly arbitrate between … Read more

Binance’s seduction operation in Sweden is a success!

Binances seduction operation in Sweden is a success

Thu Jan 12, 2023 ▪ 5:00 p.m. ▪ 4 min read – by Cédrick Aimé GUELANG OFALABEN Clearly, Binance has the wind in its sails. Indeed, after regulators from France, Bahrain, Spain and Dubai, it is Sweden’s turn to grant its approval to the crypto exchange. A meteoric rise that is a game-changer in an … Read more

Hackers have successfully stolen $100 million worth of crypto from Binance’s blockchain

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange suffered an attack by hackers, who managed to steal $100 million in assets from its blockchain. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, claimed on Friday that it had been hacked, putting the scale of the theft at around $100 million. According to Binance, the hackers managed to withdraw … Read more

Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Speaks To Reuters And Says Inaccurate Reports Targeting The Crypto Exchange

Binances Changpeng Zhao Speaks To Reuters And Says Inaccurate Reports

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) speaks out on recent media allegations, saying the exchange is targeted with inaccurate and sometimes unethical reporting. In a new corporate blog post, CZ responds to a Reuters article published today that alleges the company dodged regulators in the US and UK. Zhao says Reuters polled Binance before the story, … Read more

Crypto Hebdo: From Binance’s Removal of USD to The Arrival of The Merge, Tops, Flops and Outlook – BeinCrypto

Crypto Hebdo From Binances Removal of USD to The Arrival.webp

With the arrival of The Merge of Ethereum approaching, this week was rather marked by the rise of the supposedly defunct LUNC, the token of the Terra Luna ecosystem having thus been added on many exchanges. Speaking of exchange, Binance has announced that it will remove other stablecoins from its trading platform. Finally, a crypto … Read more

France is facing a backlash over Binance’s regulatory approval, with the French MEP calling the move “surprising and worrying”.

Binance received the green light from the French authorities on May 6 to establish a significant presence in one of Europe’s major financial centers. However, the country’s market regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), has been criticized for its recognition of the crypto exchange. Recession of European lawmakers A step Report From the Financial … Read more

A hotel in Dubai is now accepting crypto by joining Binance’s payment gateway. – Latest News

Manor Hotel by JArecently announced that it will now allow customers to pay with cryptocurrencies. This after joining a payment gateway operated by Binance. According gulf News, users can use Binance Coin, Bitcoin and Ethereum to book a room and pay for the service via the website. This means that digital currencies are rapidly integrating … Read more

Binance’s Bitcoin Dominance Rises Sharply, Now Holds 22.6% Of Total Exchange Supply

Binances Bitcoin Dominance Rises Sharply Now Holds 226 Of Total

On-chain data suggests that Binance has seen strong growth in its Bitcoin dominance over the past two years, leading the crypto exchange to now hold over 22% of the total reserve. Binance sees 120% growth in Bitcoin balance in last 2 years alone According to Glassnode’s latest weekly report, the crypto exchange now holds 22% … Read more