Concordium (CCD), a Sustainable Approach to the Blockchain Network

Concordium CCD a Sustainable Approach to the Blockchain Network

The large energy consumption by the process of mining and blockchain in general is one trending topic among many others. Many blockchain technologies aim to be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the tendency to move from a system of Proof-of-Work to a system of Proof-of-Stake is also a revolutionary development in this field. Concordium wants to … Read more

Ed Sheeran concert: news about how blockchain tickets work – BeinCrypto

Ed Sheeran is one of the first to experiment with blockchain tickets. If the announcement had been made last fall, we know more about this new ticketing system. A new app for blockchain tickets Since the incident at the Stade de France, securing event tickets has become essential in the country. But while the government … Read more

The relevance of implementing blockchain in the IoT

The relevance of implementing blockchain in the IoT

on 05/04/2019, by Jon Gold, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Networks, 1072 words Recently, thecompaniesrealizethatI’IoTmaybeassociate a lotoftechnologiesITand theblockchain–the technology ofdistributed register the basis ofcrytpocurrencies– is no exception. Yet, ifin certain circumstancesthesetwo phenomena can be complementary,do not expect an explosion oftechnologyIoTbases ontheblock chain. the basis, theunderstanding ofblue chain technologyocs can be counter-intuitive.That is whyIt … Read more

AI, blockchain, cloud: massively embedded leaders

The deployment of software solutions? 63% of leaders say they are aware of the subject (10% at an advanced stage, 53% in progress). The use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and next-generation cloud? 76% are already on track (29% at a level considered mature, 47% at the mid-point of implementation). Based on the … Read more

Blockchain: theft of a hundred million dollars on Harmony

Unfortunately, in the crypto world, it’s rare to see a week without witnessing a smart contract breach and bad news from a hacker. Over the weekend, 85,860 ETH was siphoned from the bridge between Harmony (ONE) and Ethereum (ETH). This project tries everything for everything while offering a bounty to pirates. Yet another crypto hack … Read more

Crypto NFT Today: The Latest News On Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, And NFTs: June 15 To June 21, 2022 Tech Tribune France

1656396148 Crypto NFT Today The Latest News On Blockchain Cryptocurrency And

Where do I start? Cryptocurrency is in freefall. The Bored Ape market floor is now below $100,000, Bitcoin and Ethereum break through 2020 lows, and now we are in “crypto winter”. So the question is, can he recover? After shouting internally, in short, my answer is yes. Now, I’m not here to “be an expert”, … Read more

Blockchain and HR: a winning combo? -Forbes France

Web 3.0, more than a buzzword, represents the emergence of a new version of the internet decentralizing the power of information. This would no longer be held by a small number of entities, but would be decentralized and shared between all Internet users. This transformation of their ecosystem is possible in part thanks to blockchain … Read more

Online With WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV And Jobs

Online With WhiteBIT CEO Volodymyr Nosov – Blockchain News Opinion

The war in Ukraine continues. The same goes for help from various charities and individuals. WhiteBIT, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, could not stay away from the disaster, providing support to the country since the start of the Russian invasion. In almost 4 months, WhiteBIT managed to raise nearly 100 million UAH for humanitarian and army … Read more

Malaysia International Blockchain Connected 2022, Invited Dr. Jerry Sambuaga As Speaker TechRadar

Malaysia International Blockchain Connected 2022 Invited Dr Jerry Sambuaga As

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia–(Newsfile Corp. – June 26, 2022) – Deputy Minister of Commerce DR. Jerry Sambuaga traveled to Malaysia, invited as a speaker at a seminar on the development of the Asian blockchain community. The event lasted for 2 days from June 24 to June 25, during which the Vice Minister of Commerce had the … Read more