The difficult implementation of blockchains

Video Games Embracer acquires the two Montreal studios of

The wave of the keyword “blockchain”, or chain of blocks, raised many stocks on the stock market last fall. Now dissipated, the wave has given way to a series of pilot projects that seek to leverage this technology to transform several industries. A look at the first days of an announced revolution. Posted May 17, … Read more

Jill Gunter, Crypto Investor And Founder, Talks The Increasingly Fierce Competition Between Blockchains – And What It Will Take To Win – TechCrunch

Jill Gunter is no stranger to crypto – she’s seen the market through its ups and downs, conducting research on blockchain protocols, working at several crypto startups and co-founding her own, and investing as a than crypto VC at Slow Ventures. Gunter started following the crypto space in 2011, when she worked in the world … Read more

Blockchain’s Huge Blind Spots

Blockchains Huge Blind Spots

All traditional assets, from coins to works of art, are reimagined as rare and safe assets on public blockchains. (Photo: 123RF) LES KEYS DE LA CRYPTO is a section that patiently decodes the world of cryptocurrency and its stock market, industrial and media turmoil. François Remy’s mission is to identify promising entrepreneurs, decode technical progress … Read more

Blockchains: Taming Decentralized Computing

Blockchains Taming Decentralized Computing

The Ethereum digital platform, based on blockchain technology, is still little known to the general public. It could, however, allow considerable progress to be made in various fields, including that of finance, believes Jeremy Clark, holder of the Industrial Research Chair in Blockchain Technology at Concordia University. Blockchains are mainly associated with bitcoin, a virtual … Read more

Crypto blockchains invest the African Web3

1649765532 Crypto blockchains invest the African Web3

The cryptos dance the mapouka! – Major blockchain protocols are competing for the emerging Web3 economy in Africa. According to analyst firm Chainalysis, the value of the African crypto market has increased by more than 1,200% between July 2020 and June 2021. Adoption rates are particularly high in Kenya, in South Africa, Nigeria and Tanzania. … Read more

NFT, Bitcoin… Comment les blockchains secoue-t-elle les marchés ?

1649621816 NFT Bitcoin Comment les blockchains secoue t elle les marches

Échanger de l’argent en se passant des banques grâce à un réseau décentralisé de vérificateurs assurant la validité des transactions, c’est le principe du bitcoin. D’autres réseaux, à commencer par Ethereum – qui héberge la deuxième crypto-monnaie la plus valorisée, l’ether – se sont bâtis sur une proposition bien plus ambitieuse : offrir l’accès à … Read more

Rakuten TV and VICE Studios Explore Blockchain’s Impact in Our Daily Lives with New Original Documentary Series

Rakuten TV and VICE Studios Explore Blockchains Impact in Our

The original series will feature an episode that follows the journey of DigitalBits, the blockchain for brands, and how iconic companies started using this technology. LONDON, Oct. 30, 2021 /CNW/ — Rakuten TV and VICE Studios are set to produce a new documentary series exploring various emerging technologies that will soon impact our daily lives. … Read more