Regulated and Unregulated Blockchains: What’s the Difference? – In question

1674223715 Regulated and Unregulated Blockchains Whats the Difference In question

The issue of regulation within the world of blockchain technology is not ready to be resolved. Despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market throughout 2022, $3 billion worth of crypto assets were stolen by hackers throughout the year, the highest total ever for heists of digital assets. This apparent lack of security has shed … Read more

What are blockchains used for?

What are blockchains used for

Indeed, blockchains simply allow information to be exchanged between partners without necessarily trusting each other, because this technology makes it possible to build a shared, tamper-proof register (like an account book), for the perfect traceability of information exchanges. . We generally underestimate the importance of registers, which are nevertheless essential in our social and legal … Read more

Xsolla annonce l’extension de sa solution NFT pour aider les partenaires de jeux vido vendre et crer des NFT sur les principales blockchains

Class dans : Science et technologie, Crypto-monnaiesSujets : Photo/Multimedia, Product/Service Xsolla, une socit internationale de commerce de jeux vido, annonce avoir procd une nouvelle mise jour de son offre de solutions NFT, afin de supprimer les obstacles au Web 3.0 qui freinent les utilisateurs. Grce aux nouvelles fonctionnalits, les partenaires peuvent permettre aux utilisateurs de … Read more

Ethereum, fundamental pillar of the new world of “blockchains”

Ethereum fundamental pillar of the new world of blockchains

Ethereum, the “blockchain” which is changing its mode of operation this week, is a pillar of the entire economy which has been built around “block chains”, computer protocols perhaps heralding a new era. of internet. Ether, the cryptocurrency directly linked to Ethereum, represents only around 20% of the total value of existing virtual currencies, second … Read more

L’Oracle AML Atomic de Coinfirm s’tend 9 blockchains et 1 000 adresses

Xago une Crypto Fintech innovante basee en Afrique du Sud

Class dans : Crypto-monnaiesSujets : Photo/Multimedia, Product/Service Coinfirm, le principal fournisseur de solutions de crypto conformit AML et de dtection d’actifs illicites, annonce l’ajout de 8 blockchains l’Oracle AML Atomic, renforant ainsi la conformit cryptographique de ses abonns. Conformment aux dernires recommandations du GAFI (Groupe d’action financire), publies dans son guide Updated Guidance for a … Read more

Will Solana, Cardano and Other Tier 1 Blockchains Be Ethereum Killers by 2023? – Mag Mirror

Breaking News This Colossal Ethereum Whale Is Distributing 145000 ETH

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Several new layer 1 blockchains, like Solana, Cardano, and BBN Chain, have carved out their own place in the growing Web3 ecosystem, posing a challenge to the layer 2 Ethereum blockchain. According to Pardeep Narwal, blockchain technology expert and founder of New Edge SoftSol Private Limited, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company, … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: what are the greenest blockchains

Cryptocurrencies what are the greenest blockchains

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009, has often had bad press. And in particular because of the very large amount of energy required to validate transactions on its blockchain, the technology on which all operations are carried out and secured. A Cambridge university study points to the high electricity consumption induced by the Bitcoin … Read more

Crypto Sports Betting – Will It Be Blockchain’s Next Big Trend?

Crypto Sports Betting Will It Be Blockchains Next Big

With an increase in cryptocurrencies across the world, businesses have started to adapt to cryptocurrencies. The online gaming and betting industry is leading the way when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption. Sports betting using cryptocurrency is becoming very popular with several betting sites offering users the choice to do so. More and more gaming platforms … Read more

Crypto exchanges: Towards personalized blockchains to attract DApps

Crypto exchanges Towards personalized blockchains to attract DApps.webp

Declining user numbers are pushing many cryptocurrency exchanges to reinvigorate the industry. Integration and development of DApp, creation of ecosystem funds, etc., are among the solutions adopted by these players. Diversification of cryptocurrency exchange services Huobi, Binance, KuCoin, Avalanche, NEAR and even Fantom are starting to react to the observation of a drop in the … Read more

Beyond cryptocurrencies, what can blockchains be used for?

Blockchains (or blockchains) are now famous thanks to cryptocurrencies, in particular the famous Bitcoin, and “decentralized finance” (or “DeFi” in English). But they can have applications other than financial ones. Indeed, blockchains simply allow information to be exchanged between partners without necessarily trusting each other, because this technology makes it possible to build a shared, … Read more