Terra Classic: This Crypto Exchange CEO Endures Heat From LUNC’s 1.2% Burn

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After months of waiting, Terra Classic [LUNC] the developers finally rolled out the 1.2% tax reduction protocol. The rollout has successfully garnered interest from the crypto community. In addition, several exchanges have come to support LUNC by implementing burn off-chain. However, the crypto community was primarily interested in knowing Binance’s stance on this situation. Finally, … Read more

News LUNC: burn triggered and CZ against the burn tax in off-chain (for the moment?) – BeinCrypto International

News LUNC burn triggered and CZ against the burn

While the LUNC burn was highly anticipated and has been a fulcrum for recent token-related hype, what are the early results? In parallel, this Friday morning, CZ affirmed that Binance would not apply the off-chain burn tax (Spot trading in particular). Difficult beginnings for LUNC’s burn Scheduled for September 21, the start of the LUNC … Read more

Artist Damien Hirst will burn his paintings associated with NFTs

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The British artist presents this Friday his first exhibition with NFTs. To mark the occasion, he intends to burn the physical works of art associated with NFTs. What is more valuable, physical or digital artwork? Damien Hirst presents from Friday in London his first exhibition with NFTs, these digital reproductions which are shaking up the … Read more

Shiba Inu: Price Prepares For Rally After 410 Trillion SHIB Burn – BeinCrypto

Shiba Inu Price Prepares For Rally After 410 Trillion SHIB

Shiba Inu recently launched a fierce token burning campaign, which has generated a lot of excitement within the SHIB army. Can this campaign help the price rally from its lower support levels, as many had hoped? Despite their bearish undertones, meme tokens often carve out a strong niche in the cryptocurrency market, favoring gains and … Read more

LUNC: Annoyed community approves vote to implement burn tax off-chain – BeinCrypto

LUNC Annoyed community approves vote to implement burn tax off chain

While the foot calls have not ceased from the LUNC community, it has accepted a new proposal related to the burn tax to reiterate to the exchanges the desire for off-chain implementation of the tax. As a reminder, according to the proposal currently in force for the Terra Classic ecosystem (LUC), the burn tax is … Read more

Shiba Inu: another alternative to burn billions of SHIBs? – BeinCrypto France

Shiba Inu another alternative to burn billions of SHIBs

As tens of millions of SHIBs are burned daily, a new process could increase the deflation of the Shiba INU token. Projects to burn tokens are multiplying for the memecoin Right now, the SHIB is already deflationary. However, given the amount of tokens currently in circulation, the project seeks to multiply alternatives or initiatives that … Read more

LUNC: exchanges only partially support the burn tax – BeinCrypto International

LUNC exchanges only partially support the burn tax BeinCrypto.webp

After announcements by MEXC, Gate.io, Binance and Kucoin, Kraken has just announced its support for the on-chain application of the burn tax linked to LUNC. The hopes of the LUNC community still showered While a few days ago speculation was rife on the evolution of the price of the LUNC token, with holders who were … Read more

Token burn, now commonplace for new crypto projects? – BeinCrypto France

Token burn now commonplace for new crypto projects BeinCrypto

As investors struggle to optimize their investments, projects seem increasingly inclined to be deflationary and optimize token burn. Beyond Bitcoin, the first of the cryptocurrencies and counting on a limited supply, the projects that succeeded it did not necessarily seek to limit their total supply to such a small quantity of tokens. On the contrary, … Read more

Ethereum Breaks Burn Records Since Last Update – BeinCrypto

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Ethereum continues to evolve ahead of its merger. Its token is not to be outdone and enjoys a popularity that should continue to expand thanks to burn. However, this phenomenon also raises concerns. Less ETH but more benefits for holders Ethereum is increasingly preparing for its merger and the event seems to promise a bright … Read more