NFT adopte 1 200 arbres : la campagne Zero Carbon de Shanghai Electric prend fin avec succs

Class dans : L’environnement, Science et technologie, Exploitation ptrolire, Chasse, pche et plein airSujets : Responsabilit sociale des entreprises, ESG SHANGHAI, 26 octobre 2022 /CNW/ –Shanghai Electric La campagne d’intrt public Go!0CarbonWalker lance l’occasion de la Journe mondiale de la marche a rcemment pris fin avec succs. La campagne encourageait le public marcher plutt qu’ … Read more

How the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies is about to shrink with Ethereum Merge – CNET France

How the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies is about to shrink

Whether you own cryptocurrency or not, the arrival of The Merge for Ethereum is big news. In preparation since 2014, this evolution will allow ethereum, the second largest blockchain behind bitcoin, to become almost carbon neutral. It’s a major change. Critics of cryptocurrencies frequently point out that they consume huge amounts of electricity. A reality … Read more

Innovation: tools to measure the carbon footprint of cultural events

Innovation tools to measure the carbon footprint of cultural events

From museums to theatres, from performing arts to the visual arts, the ecological transition is now part of the roadmap of all cultural sectors. Sustainable solutions, with real potential but still too little shared or disseminated in the sectors, therefore need support to be deployed in a significant way. Among these solutions, some make use … Read more

ANZ’s stablecoin used to buy tokenized carbon credits | Cryptocurrency

ANZ’s A$DC stablecoin was used to buy Australian tokenized carbon credits, marking another critical test of the asset’s use cases in the local economy. In March, the “Big Four” bank became the first major Australian financial institution to mint its own stablecoin after overseeing a pilot transaction worth AUD 30 million ($20.76 million) between Victor … Read more

The Future Of Crypto Carbon Offset Projects As Blockchain And Crypto Tokenization Are Halted TechRadar

Verra, a certifier of carbon credit standards, said on May 25 that it would immediately ban the conversion of withdrawn credits into blockchain tokens, months after crypto platform Toucan’s ambition to use blockchain to disrupt the entire carbon credit system. In light of World Environment Day 2022, with its campaign for this year using the … Read more

Carbon credits and CO2 emission vouchers sold on the blockchain – Geeko

Adam Neumann wants to put carbon credits on the blockchain. Controversial WeWork founder Adam Neumann recently launched a startup. Called Flowcarbon, it serves as a platform for selling tokenized carbon credits on the blockchain. As a reminder, Adam Neumann is the co-founder and former CEO of WeWork, which was later the subject of the television … Read more

First Mover Asia: Crypto Carbon Trade Rushes To Clean Up Its Deed; Cryptos Fall Even as Stocks Rise | Cryptocurrency

First Mover Asia Crypto Carbon Trade Rushes To Clean Up

Carbon credit protocols have had a tough time in recent months, but have been working to improve their operation; Bitcoin outperformed other major cryptocurrencies in Thursday trading. Hello. Here is what happens: Price: Bitcoin drops slightly, altcoins fare worse even as stocks rise. Insights: Crypto-carbon trading companies seek to solve the problems that plague them. … Read more

WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann’s crypto carbon credit project looks like a scam within a scam – Reuters News in France and abroad

Adam Neumann is back. The WeWork co-founder and former CEO and subsequent subject of the WeCrashed podcast TV series now says he wants to solve climate change — with crypto. Specifically, Neumann wants to put carbon credits on the blockchain. But making carbon credits easier to buy and sell does nothing to solve the real … Read more

Could GameFi and carbon currencies reverse the climate stigma of blockchain? | Cryptocurrency

Rob Schmitt of Toucan Protocol thinks blockchain gaming could have a much better environmental reputation if games incorporated carbon offsets. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology have developed an unfortunate stigma in some sections of the community for being bad for the environment – ​​but could that perception be changed by building carbon offsets into … Read more

Medicine. Carbon footprint: for operating theaters to be truly green

For a long time now, waste sorting has been carried out in hospital operating theatres. But it is essentially carried out for health reasons: sharp and prickly instruments are collected in an identified bin, organic waste is collected in another bin. These bins will then be incinerated according to a rigorous charter preventing any contamination … Read more