Bitcoin: New Weapon in the Fight Against Cocaine and Climate Change By – On Thursday, June 23, bitcoin remains in its familiar range above the psychologically important $20,000 mark. With a price of 20,484 dollars, the gain in the last 24 hours is 1.23%. In China, the government takes its negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies to an extreme. State media is spreading the news that bitcoin is … Read more

Could GameFi and carbon currencies reverse the climate stigma of blockchain? | Cryptocurrency

Rob Schmitt of Toucan Protocol thinks blockchain gaming could have a much better environmental reputation if games incorporated carbon offsets. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology have developed an unfortunate stigma in some sections of the community for being bad for the environment – ​​but could that perception be changed by building carbon offsets into … Read more

Crypto Crash Unlikely To Reduce Climate Impact, Expert Says | Cryptocurrencies – Tech Tribune France

The crypto crash won’t reduce the sector’s climate impact any time soon, an economist has warned, even though the environmental footprint of digital currencies is in theory defined by their market value. “Unless bitcoin collapses further, there is no reason to expect a decrease in environmental impact,” said Alex de Vries, data scientist at the … Read more

Climate Scientists Are Concerned About Carbon-Linked Cryptocurrency Coins

Climate Scientists Are Concerned About Carbon Linked Cryptocurrency Coins

Clima’s price spiked to nearly $3,600 in October 2021 before dropping to around $20 this month. Meanwhile, the token lag ranged between $2 and $9. Crypto traders are scanning carbon markets to buy and tokenize older, cheaper offsets to profit from escalating costs and the need for a global shift to broader clean economies, both … Read more