Lebanese turn to crypto and decentralization as banks close indefinitely

Traitement TVA Des Services Fournis Par Les Plateformes Dechange De

The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced on September 22 the indefinite closure of all banks in the country, as depositors became aggressive about withdrawing their funds. Meanwhile, young Lebanese are turning to crypto to escape the financial crisis, which has been driving uptake since 2021. Due to the economic crisis, the government restricted … Read more

Close Up: Gianluca Galtrucco by Patricia Lanza – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Close Up Gianluca Galtrucco by Patricia Lanza The Eye

Since moving from Milan to Los Angeles in the 1990s, Gianluca Galtrucco considerably enriched his experience as an art photographer. He also wrote, produced and directed the award-winning short film Blind Spot (2007). Galtrucco has produced two photography books, For Your Consideration (2017) and Time Traveler (2021) both published by Hatje Cantz, Germany. Time Traveler … Read more

NFT – A Market Already Close To Surpassing 2021 Sales Record – CryptoActu

NFT A Market Already Close To Surpassing 2021 Sales

The NFTs market has a development that can be described as very personal. But that quite simply corresponds to the specificity of this emerging sector, which appeared as such during the last year. All mainly driven by the release of new successive and sometimes (very) popular collections. And a “fluctuating” growth curve that allows its … Read more

The New York Times column. Modern Love: When a wedding has to close up shop

When my father came home at night, he was often tired and grumpy. But sometimes he would bring back in his old-fashioned briefcase, nestled between two notepads, big bags of candies – or, often, chocolates – for my brother and me. On those days he’d shopped at Duane Reade’s during his lunch break and stuffed … Read more

Crypto Taxes: How Will They Close The Fiscal Gap? – Tech Tribune France

1650465313 Crypto Taxes How Will They Close The Fiscal Gap

Hello and welcome to Protocol Fintech. This Wednesday: the ongoing crypto tax nightmare, Silvergate revenue and a fight over the definition of “exchange”. out of the chain Block is all about crypto, right down to the name. But the company seems to have recently recalled the importance of its original business, Square. A new Square … Read more

Pantera To Close Blockchain Fund Shortly After Raising $1.3 Billion – Double Target | Cryptocurrency

Why NFT adoption is so high in South Korea

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead expects the $1.3 billion blockchain fund to close within the “next three or four weeks” once due diligence by major institutions is complete. Crypto hedge fund giant Pantera Capital is set to shut down a blockchain fund backed by around $1.3 billion in capital next month. The Pantera Blockchain Fund … Read more