AI, blockchain, cloud: massively embedded leaders

The deployment of software solutions? 63% of leaders say they are aware of the subject (10% at an advanced stage, 53% in progress). The use of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and next-generation cloud? 76% are already on track (29% at a level considered mature, 47% at the mid-point of implementation). Based on the … Read more

Researchers Discover Ways To Break Encryption Of “MEGA” Cloud Storage Service

Researchers Discover Ways To Break Encryption Of MEGA Cloud Storage

A new study by academics from ETH Zurich has identified a number of critical security issues in the MEGA cloud storage service that could be exploited to break the confidentiality and integrity of user data. In an article titled “MEGA: Malleable Encryption Goes Wrong“, the researchers point out that MEGA’s system does not protect its … Read more

St. Cloud Area Professionals Launch Non-Profit Cryptocurrency

What started as a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts meeting for coffee has morphed into a new central Minnesota nonprofit focused on educating the community and helping connect people. with resources to learn more. The MN Crypto Council held its first event at the St. Cloud Financial Credit Union on Tuesday evening. Alex Schoephoerster, a lawyer … Read more

Salesforce Unveils NFT Cloud Platform Computerworld

As cryptocurrency prices continue to fluctuate, Salesforce announces the establishment of an NFT Cloud platform. The ferm pilot program offers businesses the ability to pilot customer engagement and manage NFTs from its CRM platform. After fumbling on the subject and facing a slingshot from some employees, Salesforce is launching a closed pilot program for a … Read more

Salesforce Unveiled NFT Cloud, a Platform to Help Brands and Businesses Monetize and Sell NFT Assets | metaverse, Salesforce | Cryptocurrency

The cloud computing giant expects the new platform, which is currently in a pilot program, to be widely available by October. Salesforce, the cloud software giant, is taking the leap into the NFT space. Today, the leader in customer relationship management software unveiled NFT Clouda platform to help brands and businesses monetize and sell NFT … Read more

Coinbase Cloud Launches Avalanche Developer Tool Suite | Cryptocurrency

The SushiSwap community offers a Swiss legal structure to limit

The Avalanche ecosystem stands to gain from three great developments announced this week with Coinbase Cloud integration, BTC support, and UST trading. Web3 developer hub Coinbase Cloud has added a suite of tools to support development on the Avalanche blockchain and smart contracts platform. As part of the new support features, Coinbase Cloud is running … Read more