A dive into Parody Coin (PARO) – Why this NFT project can be revolutionary. – Mag Mirror

A dive into Parody Coin PARO – Why this NFT

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn For many, Crypto and Web 3 offer the possibility of creating a more equitable and autonomous platform to appropriate its assets, NFT being a major player in the ecosystem. While growing pains are normal for any growing industry, the gas fees associated with ETH for trading and minting NFTs sometimes … Read more

Susumi Coin Launches IDO On P2PB2B Crypto Exchange

Susumi Coin Launches IDO On P2PB2B Crypto

Charlestown, Nevis, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Susumi, a platform to facilitate blockchain crowdfunding, has launched the IDO for the native coin, $SUSU, on the P2PB2B Crypto Exchange. Considering the creative idea, global ecosystem, unlimited rewards, and user-oriented features, Susumi will be the next big thing in the blockchain industry. Traditional Susu has been … Read more

Company Behind Popular US-Dollar Stablecoin To Launch Euro Coin

New York: Cryptocurrency firm Circle announced on Thursday that it will begin issuing its first euro-denominated cryptocurrency, a stablecoin known as Euro Coin, later this month. The stablecoin, i.e. it is backed by durable assets, is being launched at a time when the value of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is dropping drastically, which has led crypto … Read more

Five South Korean Crypto Exchanges Respond To Litecoin MWEB Upgrade By Deleting The Coin

Five South Korean Crypto Exchanges Respond To Litecoin MWEB Upgrade

Five South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges recently said they would remove Litecoin from the list because the crypto asset’s Mimblewimble Extension Blocks (MWEB) upgrade violated the country’s laws. As a result, exchange users cannot use Korean Won to trade the crypto asset, which has since been dubbed the “dark coin.” The upgrade violates the law on … Read more

Crypto Market Recovery Will Benefit Bitcoin (BTC), CashFi (CFI), And BNB Coin (BNB)

1654593102 Crypto Market Recovery Will Benefit Bitcoin BTC CashFi CFI And

Advertising NNA | Updated: June 07, 2022 1:48 p.m. STI New Delhi [India] June 7 (ANI/ATK): Nearly all financial markets, including crypto, are seeing high volatility and selling off due to investor fears over the US Federal Reserve’s handling of inflation. The majority of cryptocurrencies are far from their all-time highs and will need to … Read more

The new mega meme coin? How does Mehracki (MKI) compare to Shiba Inu (SHIB)? – Mag Mirror

The new mega meme coin How does Mehracki MKI compare

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn We have seen the meme pieces increase considerably in recent years. Starting out as parodies, they started to receive a lot of popularity based on online hype, even getting the likes of Elon Musk. Although it may not have been originally planned, meme coins are now ranking high in the … Read more

Ape Coin prediction 2022 – What is the potential of APE, and what future for this token? – Mag Mirror

Top 2 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now and Hold for the

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The non-fungible token (NFT) sector has taken the market by storm crypto-currencies. In 2021, Beeple’s NFT was sold for $69 million. Therefore, many crypto investors are looking for investment opportunities in NFT-related projects. And that explains the massive interest in the APE coin. Let’s take a step back to make … Read more

Can PayPal Coin Change The Cryptographic Landscape? – Tech Tribune France

PUBLISHED May 08, 2022 LAHORE: The stablecoin market is doing quite well, with a market capitalization of $166 billion and a daily trading volume of $72 billion. In January, PayPal confirmed that it explored launching its own stablecoin after a developer noticed that its iOS app code hinted at the existence of a PayPal coin. … Read more

Mines Of Dalarnia (DAR) Price Up 24% Today, Top Metaverse Coin Gainer TechRadar

Mines Of Dalarnia DAR Price Up 24 Today Top Metaverse

The price of Dalarnia mines has risen over 24% today, making the Metaverse crypto coin the top most award-winning Metaverse project on CoinMarketCap. The DAR has been on a bullish trajectory all week, rising over 47% in the past seven days. Let’s look at Mines of Dalarnia and its DAR token and see why the … Read more

Crypto Shiba Inu and EverGrow Coin on the verge of a precipitous fall? – Mag Mirror

Panic for these 3 crypto currencies Why are Shiba Inu Ethereum

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Shiba Inu and EverGrow Coin could be nearing a significant “break out” according to cryptocurrency analysts. Shiba Inu was one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in last year as its price soared 46,000,000%. EverGrow Coin is tipped to be a top crypto asset in 2022 as its development team … Read more