Cardano (ADA): Complete success of the Vasil hard fork!

Cardano ADA Complete success of the Vasil hard fork

The wait was long for the hard fork Vasil of Cardano. But we have finally entered a new era. This upgrade promises several conveniences: thanks to it, the blockchain will become more scalable, less expensive and more efficient. Charles Hoskinson and his whole team must be thrilled. Promise kept for Vasil Like Ethereum’s The Merge, … Read more

Historic Moment in the Crypto Space: The Ethereum Merger Is Complete – Media Patrollers

Historic Moment in the Crypto Space The Ethereum Merger Is

Аuјоurd’huі à 9h45, lе réѕеаu Ethereum а соmmеnсé аvес ѕuссèѕ ѕа trаnѕіtіоn dе lа рrеuvе dе trаvаіl à lа рrеuvе d’еnјеu – fоnсtіоnnаnt ѕаnѕ hеurtѕ, unе réаlіѕаtіоn hіѕtоrіquе quе lа соmmunаuté сryрtо аttеndаіt dерuіѕ рluѕ dе сіnq аnѕ. Еt nоuѕ аvоnѕ fіnаlіѕé! Воnnе fuѕіоn at tоuѕ. It’s a great mоmеnt роur Есоѕyѕtèmе Еthеrеum. Тоuѕ сеuх … Read more

Blockchain: A Complete Guide to This Distributed Ledger System

Blockchain A Complete Guide to This Distributed Ledger System

Blockchain is widely seen as having the potential to be among the key technological revolutions of this century. In fact, this distributed ledger system was made popular with the controversial introduction of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. While the cryptocurrencies and their underlying ledger system gain momentum, many financial institutions are trying to figure out how best … Read more

7 Meilleurs Portefeuilles Cryptographiques Non Dépositaires : La Liste Complète – Tech Tribune France

Le stockage de vos actifs numériques est un élément essentiel de votre parcours d’investissement dans la cryptographie, et les portefeuilles non dépositaires deviennent de plus en plus répandus à mesure que le domaine de la finance décentralisée continue de prospérer. Les portefeuilles non dépositaires sont des portefeuilles numériques qui permettent aux utilisateurs de s’approprier pleinement … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: Your Complete Guide

Cryptocurrencies Your Complete Guide

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on an encrypted string of data and used to represent a monetary unit. It is supervised and managed by a network peer to peer known as blockchain. The latter acts as a secure intermediary for transactions, such as the purchase, sale and transfer of money, among others. >>” data-lazy-src=””/>>>”/> … Read more

Will the crisis in Ukraine complete the neutralization of all French sovereignty in the European bloc?

1648479585 Will the crisis in Ukraine complete the neutralization of all

President Emmanuel Macron The question is less absurd than it seems. What have we seen in recent days since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022? To unanimity at all times, where there is no longer even the slightest debate, in particular on the question of NATO which would once again become, thanks to this … Read more

Argent, the ultimate Ethereum wallet: the complete tutorial to take advantage of DeFi and NFTs

1648331195 Argent the ultimate Ethereum wallet the complete tutorial to take

A few days ago we informed you that the Argent wallet evolved to move to the second layer solution: zkSync, in order to offer a smoother and more pleasant experience to its users. And the least we can say is that this non-custodial wallet is particularly fluid and ergonomic. That’s why we decided to give … Read more