Cardano Founder Explains Cryptocurrency Regulation to US Congress

Charles Hoskinson told Congress he should set rules for cryptocurrency but leave enforcement to software developers. Hoskinson believes that regulations for the crypto industry should be better defined. Hoskinson believes that compliance should come from the industry itself, not from regulatory authorities. Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson testified before US Congress about cryptocurrency regulation. He explained … Read more

Cryptocurrency Collapse Is A Wake Up Call For Many, Including Congress

NEW YORK (AP) — Meltdowns in the cryptocurrency space are common, but the latest has really touched some nerves. Novice investors have taken to online forums to share stories of decimated fortunes and even suicidal desperation. Experienced crypto proponents, including a prominent billionaire, felt humbled. When stablecoin TerraUSD imploded last month, around $40 billion in … Read more

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Require Members Of Congress To Disclose Crypto Holdings

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Require Members Of Congress To

Two US lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill that would require members of Congress to declare their crypto holdings. The Cryptocurrency Accountability Act would require members of Congress to report any purchase, sale, or exchange of digital assets over $1,000. They should also report crypto transactions made by their spouses and dependent children. Lawmakers would … Read more

Tech experts call on Congress to take a ‘skeptical approach’ to crypto – Reuters News in France and abroad

More than two dozen top tech experts have signed a letter asking congressional leaders to take a skeptical look at the booming crypto industry. The letter, released Wednesday and addressed to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, among others, comes from … Read more

Cryptocurrency Group Lobby Congress Against Bills Targeting Russian Oligarchs

The cryptocurrency industry has quietly lobbied US lawmakers against legislation aimed at preventing Russian oligarchs from using digital currencies to evade sanctions imposed on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s allies and their businesses in the aftermath of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The Blockchain Association, a lobby group that represents more than 70 crypto platforms including Ripple, … Read more

Opinion: Congress may be wrong: Crypto should be regulated like other financial assets – CNET

Opinion Congress may be wrong Crypto should be regulated like

Cryptocurrency has gone from niche interest to Super Bowl advertising, and Congress is now looking for ways to appropriately regulate these new assets. Congressional committees have held hearings to understand stablecoins, the environmental impacts of crypto mining, and the government’s role in market oversight. Several lawmakers have introduced legislation to bring crypto assets into the … Read more