Here is the 1st Android smartphone that allows you to pay in crypto and create NFTs

A crypto-smartphone has just been born. Designed by Osom and Solana, the phone makes it possible to make cryptocurrency payments and easily create NFTs. Solana Labs, the company behind the Solana cryptocurrency, has just announced the launch of its own Android smartphone. Called Saga, the phone was unveiled at a conference in New York. The … Read more

After Terra 2.0, Do Kwon wants to create the crypto Tinder – BeinCrypto

Do Kwon has not said his last word! After the creation of the second version of Terra, the entrepreneur now intends to revolutionize the crypto sphere by taking inspiration from a well-known application. Finding love through crypto What if cryptocurrencies could provide everything people need? In addition to allowing them to make a fortune with … Read more

Financial regulator warns UK against rushing to create ‘crypto hub’

The chairman of Britain’s financial regulator has warned of a rush to add crypto markets to the agency’s mandate after the government launched an ambitious bid to hammer out new regulations and make the UK a hub for cryptography. Charles Randell, chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority, called for “realism” about how long it would … Read more

NFT: Not sure how to create one for your business? Gardenlab is here for you!

NFT Not sure how to create one for your business

Here is a technological intermediary which you could need. Want to design NFTs for your business, but don’t have any technical knowledge of NFTs? Don’t know how to write a line of code? Don’t panic, Gardenlab takes care of it. The startup creates from scratch the NFT you imagine and implements the utilities you want. … Read more

State of Hawaii to create cryptocurrency task force

State of Hawaii to create cryptocurrency task force

In the field of cryptocurrencies, things are moving in the state of Hawaii. Two Legislative Committees – Commerce and Consumer Protection (CPN) and Ways and Means (WAM) – have unanimously approved the launch of a task force to study the use and regulation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A working group on blockchain and cryptocurrencies with … Read more

Ethereum gas fees have reached unimaginable heights: $3300 fee to create an NFT

Ethereum gas fees have reached unimaginable heights 3300 fee to

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Ethereum (ETH) price: what is the current price? Here is the live price of Ethereum. Ethereum news 03/05/2022 For its “Otherside” metaverse project, the Bored Ape team released 100,000 NFTs to the metaverse. The Ethereum network was overloaded due to millions of NFT aficionados trying to get at least some … Read more

Hawaii will create a task force for crypto regulation.

Hawaii will create a task force for crypto regulation

2 committees within the Hawaii Senate, Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee (ANC) and the Ways and Means Committee (W.A.M.), voted to create a working group on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The task force is expected to submit its findings to the Hawaii Senate in 2024. Formation of a working group on cryptos and the blockchain In … Read more

Two Senators Detail New Crypto Legislation To Create Capital Gains Tax Exemption

Senators Cynthia Lummis (R, WY) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) are proposing a tax exemption up to a certain level on capital gains on cryptocurrencies, under new legislation coming to regulate cryptocurrencies. “We’ve come up with $600 to start with, but in particular we’re sharing our bill with a number of our constituents so we … Read more