1st yield app directly on Ledger Live – CryptoActu

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 29 June 2022 – 07:30 Hardware wallet maker Ledger and liquidity provider Alkemi Network have entered into a partnership to allow holders of Nano (S, S+ and X) to directly access DeFi borrowing and lending services. Alkemi Earn becomes the first DeFi lending and borrowing protocol integrated with Ledger Live The news … Read more

A Zealous Coinbase Imposes Additional KYC Requirements For Its Dutch Users – CryptoActu

A Zealous Coinbase Imposes Additional KYC Requirements For Its Dutch

From June 27, Coinbase users residing in the Netherlands will be required to provide detailed recipient information when transferring assets off the platform. L’exchange very eager to show its credentials to regulators anticipates the constraints of the “travel rule” recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). A zeal for the best effect in a … Read more

Ledger launches its marketplace dedicated to NFTs – CryptoActu

Ledger, the French unicorn of crypto hardware wallets, is launching a marketplace NFT to secure the purchase, sale and creation of non-fungible tokens. At the same time, it announces a Web3 service platform for brands and a Play-to-Learn to strengthen its desire for popular education. Attacking the NFTs The tricolor flagship of cryptographic custody is … Read more

WeChat – Cryptocurrencies and NFTs equated to “illegal activity” – CryptoActu

In the too long list of countries hostile to cryptocurrencies, China could serve as an example of the worst. Because it clearly manages to surpass Europe or France in the field, yet particularly virulent on the subject. With a power in Beijing accustomed to explosive announcements, the repetition and uselessness of which end up raising … Read more

LinkedIn – The FBI warns of the “significant threat” of crypto scams – CryptoActu

It’s not just a bear market that’s going to stop scammers of all stripes in the cryptocurrency industry. And social networks are a particularly privileged hunting ground in the context of this type of operation. This despite the very often very relative “management” displayed by some of them, vis-à-vis this digital pollution at the origin … Read more

MasterCard – A “simpler and safer” NFT purchase process – CryptoActu

Payments companies are jostling to become the next to take advantage of the booming cryptocurrency market. And initiatives are multiplying to integrate these digital currencies into networks that were often hermetic until then. To the point of having triggered a real fierce competition in the field, between giants like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. Everyone goes … Read more

StepN (GMT) – DDoS attack following an “anti-cheater” update – CryptoActu

One of the newer activities within DeFi and the crypto space seems to be fighting cheaters. These opportunistic “investors” who jeopardize the sustainability of an ever-increasing number of projects for the purposes of quick and personal profits. A practice whose propagation takes the form of a veritable gangrene accelerated by the beginnings of a still … Read more

90% of NFT holders have already been victims of a scam – CryptoActu

90 of NFT holders have already been victims of a

The NFTs market has gone from shadow to light in the space of a year. To the point of displaying volumes which are now counted in billions of dollars. An explosion at the origin of real success for certain collections that have become emblematic. But one of the direct consequences of which is also the … Read more

eBay – First NFT collection dedicated to “non-crypto-native” collectors – CryptoActu

NFT tokens have achieved this feat of exporting the cryptocurrency market outside the crypto zone. With more and more collections launched by companies in the traditional economy. Even if it is sometimes done under the coat, so as not to risk a blind attack from ill-informed ecologists. Because more and more blockchains are offering carbon-neutral … Read more