No NFTs or crypto-assets in the MMORPG BitCraft

No NFTs or crypto assets in the MMORPG BitCraft

Whether BitCraft may sound like Bitcoin, the MMORPG from the Clockwork Labs studio has no plans to integrate crypto-assets or NFTs into its gameplay, even though speculation may be based on playful motivations. This is one of the hot trends: using blockchain technologies to monetize MMORPG universes through crypto-assets or by trading items through NFTs. … Read more

Crypto-assets: the six reasons that are accelerating the regulatory movement

Crypto assets the six reasons that are accelerating the regulatory movement

After the time of acceleration, comes that of regulation, according to the well-known innovation-speculation-regulation cycle. Consecrated during the confinements linked to Covid, the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, reaching today a valuation of 2,300 billion dollars, more than the subprime in 2008 (1,200 billion). Admittedly, these were disseminated in a multitude of financial products, which … Read more

Canadian institutions are increasing their exposure to crypto-assets

1649308699 Canadian institutions are increasing their exposure to crypto assets

Class in: Business, Science and Technology, CryptocurrenciesTopic : Polls, Opinions and Research As big investors and financial services firms embrace cryptoassets, retail investors feel more comfortable putting their own money in the space MONTRAL, April 6, 2022 /CNW/ – While 2021 was the year of institutional adoption of crypto-assets, 2022 is shaping up to be … Read more

Cryptoassets in Cameroon: A Land of Opportunities?

Cryptoassets in Cameroon A Land of Opportunities

Cameroon is witnessing a gradual adoption of cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is not regulated in Cameroon, nor is it illegal. When it comes to the sale of digital assets, the default legal framework is contract law, either business (BtoB) or consumer (BtoC). Therefore, anyone in Cameroon can create their own cryptocurrency and sell it … Read more

What is MiCA, the European regulation that will regulate crypto-assets?

What is MiCA the European regulation that will regulate crypto assets

On March 14, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament spoke about the draft European regulation Markets in Crypto-Assets, known as “MiCA”. This text is part of the package of measures on digital finance, and contains a set of provisions aimed at “to ensure that the Union’s regulatory framework for financial services … Read more

Investors, here’s how to protect your crypto-assets

Investors heres how to protect your crypto assets

Crypto-assets are increasingly popular with mainstream investors; and keeping them safe is becoming an increasingly important issue. One of the difficulties, however, is that with crypto-assets – like cryptocurrencies or NFTs – you don’t own a physical object. Often you depend on a code, called a key, to access your assets, and if you lose … Read more

Crypto-assets and the blockchain must work for the sovereignty of Europe, according to Europlace

1648226215 Crypto assets and the blockchain must work for the sovereignty of

While a wind of regulation is blowing all over the world on cryptocurrencies, Europlace, the organization responsible for promoting the Parisian financial center, goes there with its verse to “ promote the emergence of a powerful and competitive digital ecosystem in France and Europe “, according to the note published this Thursday, March 24 by … Read more