Cloud Computing and cryptocurrencies: what does it matter? –

Cloud Computing and cryptocurrencies what does it matter LeBigDatafr

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the fastest growing industries today, thanks to their ability to facilitate secure and anonymous transactions between parties around the world. Since cryptocurrencies have no physical components, every transaction is done on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis. This means that no central server is required for any aspect of a cryptocurrency transaction … Read more

Mining cryptocurrencies with your smartphone? It’s possible !

1674665440 Mining cryptocurrencies with your smartphone Its possible

The concept of mobile mining is relatively simple: you use the SoC of your smartphone to mine cryptocurrencies. This can be done using an app, like MinerGate, and allows users to connect their devices to cryptocurrency mining pools. What is Mobile Mining? The first step in this process is to install MinerGate on your mobile … Read more

ChatGPT causes the price of some cryptocurrencies to skyrocket

ChatGPT causes the price of some cryptocurrencies to skyrocket

The field of artificial intelligence has been in the spotlight for weeks. In fact, the emergence of software such as ChatGPT has reignited the race for AI. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence is also at the heart of several projects that greatly benefit from this new trend. The Boom of AI-Based Cryptos ChatGPT, … Read more

Buying Cryptocurrencies: A Beginner’s Guide

Buying Cryptocurrencies A Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are trending. More and more retail investors are adding digital coins to their portfolios in anticipation of extraordinarily high returns. For many beginners, however, there are a few hurdles to get started. Questions about the right cryptocurrency or the best crypto exchange arise. To ensure that entering the crypto cosmos … Read more

Decentralized exchange platforms and their uses in crypto-currencies |

1673923587 Decentralized exchange platforms and their uses in crypto currencies Investingcom

You don’t trust centralized platforms to store and protect your crypto-assets? You totally have because these platforms, and not the least, frequently lose huge amounts of money (Mt. Gox, Coincheck, Bitfinex, etc.). We can also cite the case of the Celsius Network platform which collapsed a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, this is not inevitable and … Read more

Why invest in cryptocurrencies in 2023?

Why invest in cryptocurrencies in 2023

Posted on 16.01.2023 at 1:20 p.m. by Partner Since 2009 when the first cryptocurrency appeared on the net, thousands of other currencies have emerged. More than a decade later, these cryptoassets attract hundreds of thousands of investors to online trading platforms. And this in particular because of the many advantages they provide to investors. In … Read more

After BTC and ETH, Twitter welcomes new cryptocurrencies

1673867133 After BTC and ETH Twitter welcomes new cryptocurrencies

The price in one click – On the one hand, Twitter seems to be distancing itself from cryptocurrencies, with his corner which will probably not be hosted on a blockchain. On the other, the social network displays a crypto-friendly image by facilitating consultation of the price of certain cryptocurrencies on its platform. On December 21, … Read more

The 10 most traded cryptocurrencies in November

The 10 most traded cryptocurrencies in November

After the crash of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, the prices of the biggest cryptocurrencies plummeted again. The world’s most expensive cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, lost around 18% of its value last month, while the price of Ethereum fell 21%. However, in addition to losing value, the biggest digital currencies have also seen a considerable … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, NFT, web 3.0: behind “blockchain” technologies, what impact for the planet?

Cryptocurrencies NFT web 30 behind blockchain technologies what impact for

On says they are the only future of the web, or they are talked about as a passing fad. Often associated with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, web 3.0… Blockchains, or block chains, are both shown as an Internet revolution and a potential danger for our environment. Will they save or destroy our planet? Probably neither. But their … Read more