What is StepN? New craze that lets you earn cryptocurrency by running and walking now blocks Chinese users | STEP | Cryptocurrency

What is StepN New craze that lets you earn cryptocurrency

StepN, a new game in which people are rewarded for walking or running, saw the value of its cryptocurrency plunge after it decided to unplug its Chinese players. The move follows similar moves by Binance and Huobi, after Chinese authorities ruled any activity related to digital assets illegal. Thursday, StepN announced on Twitter that it … Read more

Xeniia Is The New Hotel Cryptocurrency Designed For

Xeniia Is The New Hotel Cryptocurrency Designed For

Wilmington, Delaware, USA, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wilmington, May 22, 2022. Xeniia (ξενία) meaning guest hospitality in Greek will be the token representing HospoWise and will be the corporate representation of the hospitality industry . A series of new products are being built to serve the hospitality industry and replace existing systems and … Read more

Russia Could Use Cryptocurrency In International Payments As Sanctions Escalate

Faced with tougher sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is reportedly considering the idea of ​​accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment for its international trade. The Interfax news agency first reported the news on Friday, citing a senior government official. “The idea of ​​using digital currencies in transactions for international settlements is actively … Read more

Crypto Apps – A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

Crypto Apps A Useful Tool For A Cryptocurrency Trader

People who have decided to try their hand at investing have one main goal: to increase their income. Trading requires constant analysis and monitoring, which is why stock market players should track all their trades in order to improve results and catch errors. If a client does not use additional tools, trading will be haphazard … Read more

‘Extreme Fear’: Bitcoin and Ethereum at Risk of Capitulation After Losing Vital Support Zones and Doomed for Massive Losses | | Cryptocurrency

Extreme Fear Bitcoin and Ethereum at Risk of Capitulation After

Crypto market sentiment has once again tipped into a “extreme fearafter Bitcoin and Ethereum lost price support over the past 24 hours. On-chain data shows increasing selling pressure, which could lead to bigger losses. Bitcoin and Ethereum look set for major losses after losing vital support areas. Long and short positions worth nearly $300 million … Read more

NFT and Cryptocurrency: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding It All — YubiGeek

NFT and Cryptocurrency The Ultimate Guide to Understanding It All

In the same category of Bitcoins or XRP (Ripple), the NFT is the latest form of cryptocurrency to be all the rage in recent years. It enjoys an unprecedented enthusiasm among Internet investors, especially in the world of digital art. But what is it exactly? How to take advantage of it? Explanation. The growth of … Read more

First Mover Asia: Crypto Carbon Trade Rushes To Clean Up Its Deed; Cryptos Fall Even as Stocks Rise | Cryptocurrency

First Mover Asia Crypto Carbon Trade Rushes To Clean Up

Carbon credit protocols have had a tough time in recent months, but have been working to improve their operation; Bitcoin outperformed other major cryptocurrencies in Thursday trading. Hello. Here is what happens: Price: Bitcoin drops slightly, altcoins fare worse even as stocks rise. Insights: Crypto-carbon trading companies seek to solve the problems that plague them. … Read more

Hedging Issues Raised By Cryptocurrency | Kennedy – Tech Tribune France

Insurers and consumers are seeing the emergence of cryptocurrency in their daily lives. As an increasing number of businesses around the world begin to use bitcoin and other digital assets for end-use, operational and transactional investments, this raises an important question: how is cryptocurrency defined for the purposes of insurance coverage? What is Cryptocurrency? An … Read more

Ethereum Co-Founder Gavin Wood Urges Investors to Be More Vigilant After Latest Cryptocurrency Crash | Gavin Wood, web3 | Cryptocurrency

Gavin Wood believes that investors need to be mindful of the supports supporting their crypto holdings in order to avoid being caught in a crash. Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood urged cryptocurrency investors to “pay more attentionto the underlying support structure of their investments amid the recent cryptocurrency crash. Wood’s warning comes after the recent UST … Read more

How NFTs will drive the new wave of consumer loyalty | Cryptocurrency

Part of the resistance of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general stems from their versatility. Every time I feel like I’m nearing rock bottom, someone contacts me with a new use case for cryptocurrency. More recently, however, it was Dan Jurek, vice president of strategic services for the Lacek Group, who came up with a … Read more