“The CNRS hampers the chances of European systems to be part of future cryptography standards”

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

Research – IT specialists have been working for years on this selection process which should lead to new recommendations on security standards. Can you detail the steps that have already taken place? Damien Stehle – Many companies and institutions are working on the quantum computer, the arrival of which threatens the security of digital exchanges. … Read more

Cryptography prepares with difficulty for the advent of the quantum computer

Cryptography prepares with difficulty for the advent of the quantum

The world is preparing for the potential arrival of the quantum computer… and the set of threats that would accompany its advent. But the path to “post-quantum” digital security is fraught with pitfalls, as a last-minute twist in a major cryptography contest has just confirmed. As Phong Nguyen, cryptanalyst at the National Institute for Research … Read more

Credit cards and exchange security: towards post-quantum cryptography

Credit cards and exchange security towards post quantum cryptography

Computers are very useful companions: they solve many problems that we face. Fortunately, there are also problems out of reach for them. Let us think of our credit cards: it would be problematic for a computer to be able to find our code… This is precisely the threat now posed by the quantum computer, a … Read more

Cryptography: what are random numbers used for?

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

Originally, the purpose of cryptography was to allow two speakers (traditionally called Alice and Bob) to exchange messages without another speaker (traditionally called Eve) being able to read them. Alice and Bob are therefore going to agree on a method for exchanging each message M in an encrypted form C. not find the information exchanged … Read more

📰 We know the first post-quantum cryptography algorithms

We know the first post quantum cryptography algorithms

© wigglestick / Stock.Adobe.com Once operational, the quantum computer will sweep away all the principles on which cryptography is currently based. The American standards agency therefore launched a major competition in 2016 to find algorithms capable of resisting it. Of the four winners, three teams include French researchers. To find out who has the right … Read more

Post-quantum cryptography: France well represented among the finalists designated by the American NIST

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! It’s been good since UNITED STATES that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) unveiled on July 5 the first four selected algorithms to define the future standards of post-quantum cryptography. But France was particularly well represented, both among the teams designing said algorithms and in the patents on which some … Read more

Cryptography: new breakthrough with quantum entanglement

Three months of commissioning for the CHPF SWAC

Paris, France | AFP | Wednesday 27/07/2022 – An experiment carried out with the help of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) has produced a cryptography protocol, with a secure exchange of encryption keys thanks to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which must guarantee perfect security of data transfers, according to a study published in Nature … Read more

“Do you accept Cryptography?” – Demystifying Cryptocurrency In Yacht Transactions

Philippines UnionBank launches crypto service through its mobile app

A webinar hosted by Shoosmiths in conjunction with Asset Reality. Introductory survey According to a recent survey, what percentage of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrency? – Advertising – According to a recent study conducted by CNBC, 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrency, with more than half having at least 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. Answers … Read more

SES leads consortium to deliver satellite-based quantum cryptography system

SES leads consortium to deliver satellite based quantum cryptography system

(AOF) – A consortium of 20 European companies, led by SES with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission, will be responsible for designing, developing, launching and operating the Eagle-1 satellite system dedicated to the quantum distribution of cryptographic keys (QKD – Quantum Key Distribution), and carry out the in-orbit … Read more

NFTs Are The “Biggest On-Ramp” To Cryptography In Central, South Asia And Oceania – Report

NFTs Are The Biggest On Ramp To Cryptography In Central South

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could be the biggest driver of crypto adoption in Central, South Asia and Oceania (SWAC), according to a new report. According to a September 21 Chainalysis article titled “Crypto Adoption Steadies in South Asia, Soars in the Southeast,” NFT-related stocks accounted for 58% of all web traffic going to cryptocurrency services in … Read more