Les cryptos s’invitent Davos – Crypto Recap

Les cryptos sinvitent a Davos Crypto Recap

Block 1 : Les actualités essentielles  La Russie et l’Iran envisagent le lancement d’un stablecoin adossé à l’or La banque centrale iranienne envisage la possibilité de créer, avec la participation de la Russie, un jeton numérique pour faciliter le commerce dans la région perse, selon un rapport citant le chef de l’organisation de … Read more

Cryptos: “It is too early for the market to go up!”

Cryptos It is too early for the market to go

The children of finance. Luna, Celsius, FTX, probably Genesis…Despite the crises, crypto investors display unfailing optimism. After having plunged following these scandals, Bitcoin rose again, crossing the threshold of 20,000 dollars in January. The Ethereum is displayed today at just over 1,500 US dollars (1,400 euros). In other sectors, observers would applaud such resilience with … Read more

Following the Harmony Bridge Hack, Stolen Cryptos Are in Circulation

Following the Harmony Bridge Hack Stolen Cryptos Are in Circulation

Source: Adobe/Dennis An impressive number of 41,000 ethers (ETH) stolen by North Korean hackers Lazarus Group are currently deposited on crypto exchanges. According to an analysis of crypto movements shared online, ETH was sent through anonymity system Railgun before being stored in wallets and sent to three big big crypto exchanges to be exchanged for … Read more

Brazilian bank Nubank remains bullish on cryptos and in news listing

1673943936 Brazilian bank Nubank remains bullish on cryptos and in news

Source: Alf Ribeiro/Adobe The decision of the Brazilian neobank Nubank to list polygon (MATIC) and Uniswap (UNI) on its banking application has been enthusiastically received by the crypto community. Nubank came into crypto in mid-2022, when she announced that she would buy bitcoins (BTC). The company claimed that it would invest 1% of its portfolio … Read more

For the UK branch of the banking giant Santander, cryptos are becoming sulphurous again – CryptoActu

For the UK branch of the banking giant Santander cryptos

Some stories that make the news seem to come straight out of a past that we naively thought was over. Santander UK, the UK subsidiary of Spanish financial giant Banco Santander, has decided to circumscribe its customers’ interaction with crypto exchanges. First, by placing a limit on funds sent to exchangesbefore perhaps a total ban … Read more

The Year of Cryptos: Marketing Greatnesses and Failures

1673788181 The Year of Cryptos Marketing Greatnesses and Failures

The year 2022 will have sounded a certain end to innocence regarding cryptocurrencies. The financial scandals surrounding some of them have brought to light that, under a marketing of formidable efficiency, the industry relied on companies of extreme fragility. You don’t understand anything about blockchains and the algorithms governing cryptos? Don’t worry, that’s not what … Read more

Crypto Millionaire: Buy THESE Cryptos Before They BOOM in 2023?

1673692417 Crypto Millionaire Buy THESE Cryptos Before They BOOM in 2023

2023 welcomed the crypto market into a consolidated view. Most cryptos barely budged from an average of -0.43%. That’s pretty much what happens every New Year’s Eve. However, crypto prices suffered heavy losses in 2022 and became very cheap to buy from their all-time high potentials. Which Cryptocurrencies Should You Buy? Here are 3 choices … Read more

Le rveil de la Chine sur les cryptos ? – Crypto Recap

1673648195 Le reveil de la Chine sur les cryptos

Block 1 : Les actualités essentielles Binance est sur tous les fronts Tout semble sourire au géant de la crypto. Primo, Binance vient de s’enregistrer auprès de l’autorité de surveillance financière suédoise (FSA) afin de poursuivre sa régulation en Europe, après l’avoir fait dans sept aux membres de l’UE dont la France. Deuxio, … Read more