World’s Leading Crypto Currency Exchange CoinW Debuts In Popular Football League, La Liga

Worlds Leading Crypto Currency Exchange CoinW Debuts In Popular Football

CoinW is the first Crypto exchange company that supports the Spanish Football League. Road Town, British Virgin Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – May 18, 2022) – CoinW, a well-known former crypto-asset exchange in the industry, has revealed that it is entering the Spanish Football League, La Liga, with a robust approach. Moreover, it is the first crypto … Read more

Cryptocurrency crash: the end of the dream of an unregulated currency

Cryptocurrency crash the end of the dream of an unregulated

Home > Policy > Editorial In the space of a weekend, virtual currencies have collapsed, the whole sector is teetering. Billions of euros have gone up in smoke. It’s save who can in the world of crypto. Luna, one of the ten largest virtual currencies, lost 100% of its value. While a luna was still … Read more

Ethereum Joins The Crypto Plunge: The Second Largest Digital Currency Loses 20% Of Its Value In 24 Hours

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has joined the cryptocurrency crash – its value has fallen 20% in the past 24 hours – as the digital currency slowdown hammers investors who bought during the Covid years. Cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply in value over the past few days as fears for the global economy spread and … Read more

Law governing cryptocurrencies in the CAR: “Bitcoin will rightly be considered as a reference currency” [Document]

Digital Business Africa offers you the full law governing cryptocurrencies in CAR Law n°22.004 of April 22, 2022 governing cryptocurrency in the Central African Republic Chapter 1 ‐ Object and scope Art.1.‐ The purpose of this law is to govern all transactions related to cryptocurrencies in the Central African Republic, without restriction, with unlimited power … Read more

Digital Currency: Is Cryptocurrency The Next Big Thing? | New Times – Tech Tribune France

Digital Currency Is Cryptocurrency The Next Big Thing New

The cryptocurrency, better known as bitcoin, has been buzzing in the media lately. Even though only a few people know about it, it could be the next big thing in the near future. According to Nigel Green, CEO and founder of one of the largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organizations, deVere Group, … Read more

Businesses in Dubai See Crypto as the Currency of the Future

NEW YORK: The Amazon Labor Union (ALU), on the strength of a first resounding victory in early April, failed to immediately renew its feat: employees of an Amazon sorting center in New York voted overwhelmingly against the arrival of the organization on their site. According to a tally broadcast online, 618 workers at the warehouse … Read more

Bitcoin As A Next-Gen Currency Tech Tribune France

Bitcoin As A Next Gen Currency Tech Tribune France

Today, most contemporary financial news, including budget and monetary policies across the world, discuss and rationalize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nepal is also controlling withdrawals from banks fearing its money will go cryptocurrency without an account, further straining its already depleted foreign exchange reserves. The paradox is that, on the one hand, the government is … Read more

‘Save Your Skin’ From Inflation With BTC, The Great Currency Shift And SHIB Burns – News Week In Review – The Weekly Bitcoin News – Tech Tribune France

Save Your Skin From Inflation With BTC The Great Currency

Another spicy week of crypto news kicks off the weekend, with Mexico’s third-richest billionaire advising to “save your skin” from hyperinflation by buying bitcoin, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary , predicting that bitcoin mining will “save the world”, with News noting uncanny similarities between the current big monetary shift and the creation of the … Read more

Project Zuck Bucks: Meta Plans Virtual Currency After Crypto Failure

Project Zuck Bucks Meta Plans Virtual Currency After Crypto Failure

Financial Times | GT Meta has outlined plans to offer virtual currencies, tokens and lending services for its apps, as Facebook’s parent company pursues its financial ambitions despite the collapse of a plan to launch a cryptocurrency. The company, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is looking for alternative revenue streams and new features that can … Read more

Meta is working again on a virtual currency

07 April 2022 Today at 12:25 After the failure of its cryptocurrency project, Meta would think of a virtual currency in the form of tokens to be exchanged, “Zuck Bucks”. The Meta company (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is planning to create virtual currency and other financial services despite the failure of its digital currency project, according … Read more