Crypto DeFi: rug pull or bankruptcy? Freeway in turmoil

Two regulatory heavyweights join the ranks of Binance and FTX

Citing market volatility, crypto platform Freeway halted all cryptocurrency withdrawals. Following this decision, the FWT token fell by more than 80%. Some parts of the crypto community claim that it would be a $160 million scam. Ponzi or simple preventive measure? It’s far from the first time this year that investors see themselves as victims … Read more

OneSwap NFT Marketplace: When art meets DeFi –

OneSwap NFT Marketplace When art meets DeFi

On September 29, OneSwap, a decentralized exchange deployed on CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), launched the “NFT Marketplace”, a combination of art and CoinEx’s innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) to empower to artists, promote cooperation and encourage creative commerce. Of all the NFTs, CryptoPunks are perhaps the ones that impress NFT followers the most as invaluable avatars, … Read more

DeFi on the road to recovery? The NFT sector holds its own during the bear market

DeFi on the road to recovery The NFT sector holds

pictures and games – In a market rather lackluster crypto global, the sectors of the NFT and GameFi hold on and even tend to develop. Not a day goes by without a new partnership announcement or launching a project. What vitality! And the last report of DappRadar confirms it in numbers. Overall volume down, but … Read more

Far-west crypto: DeFi, tokenization, stablecoins… FTX’s shock proposals

Far west crypto DeFi tokenization stablecoins FTXs shock proposals

Regulate yes, but well – Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX recently made the Times top 100 and contributes to the evolution of the crypto ecosystem every day. He recently published a report giving a way forward for the regulation of the crypto environment. Open to discussion, this track covers 7 different topics. How to protect … Read more

Entretien avec le PDG de l’application BISON, Ulli Spankowski – Partie 2: la DeFi est convaincante mais qui poursuivez-vous et comment la crypto rend tout connectable

Entretien avec le PDG de lapplication BISON Ulli Spankowski

Ulli Spankowski, PDG de l’application BISON, directeur numérique du groupe Boerse Stuttgart et fondateur de Sowa Labs Il s’agit de la deuxième et dernière partie de l’interview exclusive de Cryptonews avec le Dr Ulli Spankowski, Chief Digital Officer chez Boerse Stuttgart Group, fondateur de Sowa Labs et de l’application BISON, en plus d’être le PDG de cette dernière. La … Read more

Coinigy Launches Crypto Screener Tool For Spot, DeFi And Derivatives

Coinigy Launches Crypto Screener Tool For Spot DeFi And Derivatives

“Traders can tap into a vast dataset spanning the entire crypto ecosystem, spanning nearly a decade, to identify opportunities and act quickly. It is an essential tool for all active and professional traders, including day traders. Coinigy has announced the launch of its new Crypto Screener tool, providing powerful analytics with access to years of … Read more

The 10 worst crypto hacks of 2022; hackers target DeFi – BeinCrypto

Philippines UnionBank launches crypto service through its mobile app

Some critics of decentralized finance call it the “Wild West” of the crypto industry, which might sound hyperbolic from a general perspective. That said, since the start of the year alone, crypto hacks have cost DeFi platforms the equivalent of $2.32 billion. Aren’t these DeFi “critics” right after all? The concept of decentralized finance originated … Read more