UN Trade Body Calls To Halt Cryptocurrency Rise In Developing Countries | – Tech Tribune France

UN Trade Body Calls To Halt Cryptocurrency Rise In Developing

Although private digital currencies have rewarded some people and institutions, they are an unstable financial asset that can carry social risks and costs, the agency warned. UNCTAD said their benefits to some are overshadowed by the threats they pose to financial stability, domestic resource mobilization and the security of monetary systems. Contents Advertising Rise of … Read more

Uzbekistan is developing regulations for cryptocurrency mining activity. – Latest News

the NAPP of Uzbekistan has drawn up regulations on the registration of minors from crypto. The decree exempts all mining assets from taxation and prohibits anonymous currency mining. Additionally, only companies using solar power are allowed to mine cryptocurrencies. Conditions for minor companies The National Agency for Prospective Projects (NAPP) of Uzbekistan has established requirements … Read more

Bitcoin Adoption In Developing Countries

Bitcoin Adoption In Developing Countries

Developing economies have increasingly embraced cryptocurrencies. Here is a review of bitcoin adoption in developing countries. While mainstream institutions in the developed world still view crypto with suspicion, these new financial instruments have fertile ground in developing economies. Bitcoin adoption in developing countries has increased dramatically in recent years, and El Salvador made history by … Read more