Ethereum (ETH): How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ‘Difficulty Bomb’

Top 2 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now and Hold for the

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn The sector of crypto-currencies is plagued with liquidations and layoffs, but Ethereum developers continue to work on merging, i.e. the soon-to-be transition of the blockchain network to a new, more energy-efficient mechanism for issuing blocks and stay secure. Ironically, the markets’ pessimism coincides with a period of optimism in Ethereum’s … Read more

Legislative: Macronie in trouble, Emmanuel Macron in difficulty

Legislative Macronie in trouble Emmanuel Macron in difficulty

Sunday evening, at 8 p.m., on the TF1 set, one only had to see the face of Gabriel Attal, a very young Minister of Public Accounts, to understand the embarrassment of Macronie following the results of the first round of legislative. On the first channel of France, the left-wing coalition, the NUPES is announced as … Read more