Cryptocurrencies: after a theft, hackers returned 37 million dollars

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

Nomad, the protocol that was hacked last week, convinced some hackers to return stolen cryptocurrencies. By offering 10% reward and multiplying the threats, Nomad has recovered $37 million worth of digital currencies. In early August 2022, Nomad, a bridge for exchanging cryptocurrencies between blockchains, was victim of hacking. Thanks to a security breach, hackers have … Read more

The fall in the prices of cryptos, NFT and Bitcoin, does not curb the appetite of hackers and scammers: 2 billion dollars stolen in the first half of 2022

Dozens of Crypto Platforms Affected by SEC Complaint

Published on Saturday July 16, 2022 by Denis Lapalus Updated Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 5:41 p.m. Interest in cryptocurrencies is waning worldwide – the NFT market is shrinking and Bitcoin is seeing the biggest price drop in 11 years. Yet, cybercriminals continue to make billions by targeting various crypto projects. Scammers stole nearly $2 … Read more

Why Hackers Are Able To Steal Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Cryptocurrency

Why Hackers Are Able To Steal Billions Of Dollars Worth

Placeholder while loading article actions Welcome to Cybersecurity 202! If you’re a regular reader, you might have noticed that we’ve had a bit of an abbreviated schedule lately, but the noob whose name is at the top of this newsletter now (ahem, that guy from Starks) has been lax to let you know. I’m catching … Read more

Play To Earn: Several Million Dollars Mysteriously Disappeared From A Crypto App – BeinCrypto

Play To Earn Several Million Dollars Mysteriously Disappeared From A

The play to earn Dragoma seems to have been the victim of a large-scale theft. However, the event would not be a mere coincidence. A well-orchestrated hack… or a well-measured scam Crypto scams continue to proliferate within the crypto industry. But while exploitation of security vulnerabilities such as Solana’s and phishing attempts make headlines, we … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): Soon 12,000 dollars? A crypto analyst gives his opinion

Bitcoin BTC Soon 12000 dollars A crypto analyst gives his

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news in general arouses the curiosity of investors. For the past six months or so, the crypto sector has been buckling under the weight of the downtrend. As things started to look up, Cheds, a crypto analyst, warns that the bearish period could resume with a vengeance. Downward trend to be expected … Read more

Blockchain: theft of a hundred million dollars on Harmony

Unfortunately, in the crypto world, it’s rare to see a week without witnessing a smart contract breach and bad news from a hacker. Over the weekend, 85,860 ETH was siphoned from the bridge between Harmony (ONE) and Ethereum (ETH). This project tries everything for everything while offering a bounty to pirates. Yet another crypto hack … Read more

Logan Paul Reveals How Many Million Dollars He Lost in Cryptocurrency and NFTs During Crypto Crash

Logan Paul Reveals How Many Million Dollars He Lost in

Logan Paul is one of the richest YouTubers in the world, but he has made the majority of his wealth outside of the video platform by using his brand to try out new projects. He ventured into boxing, professional wrestling, and even cryptocurrency, investing in various digital coins and NFTs. ADVERTISING The article continues below … Read more

Accused of being the Madoff of dogecoin, Elon Musk is being asked for 258 billion dollars

Accused of being the Madoff of dogecoin Elon Musk is

The collapse of cryptos and the bankruptcy of some players in the sector are likely to lead to a wave of legal actions from ruined investors. First to open hostilities, the American Keith Johnson attacks Elon Musk. He believes that the boss of Tesla has manipulated the price of the dogecoin crypto and is demanding … Read more

Autentica annonce son lancement officiel et un financement de pr-amorage de 1,2 million de dollars pour dvelopper une technologie de certification inter-chanes pour les NFT

Autentica annonce son lancement officiel et un financement de pre amorcage

Class dans : Les affaires, Science et technologieSujet : Nouveaux produits et services ZUG, Suisse, 2er juin 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Autentica, une startup technologique suisse, annonce son lancement officiel et un investissement de pr-amorage de 1,2million de dollars, garantissant la socit de poursuivre le dveloppement de sa technologie de certification cross-chain pour les NFT. L’entreprise … Read more

Billions of dollars in DeFi – Andreessen Horowitz, the tenor of web3 fundraisers

Billions of dollars in DeFi Andreessen Horowitz the tenor

The golden age of the web 3 – While the mass media and small carriers only talk about the recent fall of cryptos, some, lurking in the shadows, advance their pawns. The large investment funds of the planet fall into this category. In the small world of venture capital, we are hiring, we are investing, … Read more