Basketball: the American dream of Pau-Orthez flopped

Basketball the American dream of Pau Orthez flopped

The Pau-Orthez team of Jérémy Leloup here, in defense on Kevarrius Hayes (Asvel) in Villeurbanne on April 20, 2021, is excluded from the Basket Elite ( AFP / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK ) It is a monument of French basketball which is threatened with extinction: Pau-Orthez, passed under the American banner a year ago, saw his commitment … Read more

These NFT platforms dream of being a digital art gallery

After hitting highs in 2021, the NFT market is starting to show signs of weakness. Nothing to worry about platforms specializing in the sale of non-fungible tokens… When it comes to NFTs, there’s something for everyone. “collectibles”, these digital tokens based on a generative model such as the famous (and highly coveted) Bored Ape Yacht … Read more

Cryptocurrency crash: the end of the dream of an unregulated currency

Cryptocurrency crash the end of the dream of an unregulated

Home > Policy > Editorial In the space of a weekend, virtual currencies have collapsed, the whole sector is teetering. Billions of euros have gone up in smoke. It’s save who can in the world of crypto. Luna, one of the ten largest virtual currencies, lost 100% of its value. While a luna was still … Read more

Bitcoin and Cryptos Gone to Stay: A Billionaire’s Blue Dream

1649933846 Bitcoin and Cryptos Gone to Stay A Billionaires Blue Dream

Will we be allowed to make 3 wishes? – Is it Spring, time to take off or return your jacket? In any case, this is what the latest pirouette by David Rubenstein, the co-founder and co-director of the Carlyle Group. The iconic billionaire at the head of one of the biggest asset management groups in … Read more