The three cryptocurrencies that will live up to the dreams of crypto investors are Ethereum, Elrond, and Moshnake. – Mag Mirror

1662829344 Big Eyes Coin Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Could Generate Massive

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn A wise man once said, “The great organization must learn to innovate, otherwise it will not survive. Some companies fall flat in the race due to the rejection of the option to change over time. The crypto market is a large market with prominent competition that requires the surviving factor … Read more

Top 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Predictions: Shakeouts, Fakeouts, Hopes & Dreams pt.3 | Cryptocurrency

Top 3 Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Price Predictions Shakeouts Fakeouts Hopes

Bitcoin price rebounded with a slight increase in volume after falling below $19,000 for the first time since July. Ethereum price shows that more investors are currently in profit than in loss, which could reduce overall selling pressure. XRP price is producing the biggest pullback in the downtrend. Since the crypto’s inception, September has consistently … Read more

Sunak’s Crypto Dreams Collapse

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, even met with Emmanuel Macron and said the French president made it clear that he wants to attract crypto businesses to the country and sees blockchain as an important industry. Meanwhile, in March, the FCA again pushed back the deadline for its so-called temporary registration scheme with only a handful … Read more

Wonderman Nation: The NFT game that dreams of being as popular as Axie Infinity

1650448760 Wonderman Nation The NFT game that dreams of being as

The brainchild of a team with experience in game development and film production, Wonderman Nation is an NFT action game that wants to upset the codes. Developed with user experience in mind, the blockchain-based game hopes to follow in the footsteps of Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Final Fantasy in terms of success. It has already … Read more

Dreams and Reality Collide in Praxis’ Vision of a Utopian Crypto City

Dreams and Reality Collide in Praxis Vision of a Utopian

On March 3, a mysterious message appeared on Twitter that promised a new way of life for cryptocurrency investors. “Praxis is building the city of the future,” it reads. The message ended with a link announcing a $15 million fundraiser and an invitation to join their community. The tweet is from a San Francisco-based organization … Read more