But why the hell is dYdX leaving Ethereum and StarkWare for a native chain on Cosmos? – Mag Mirror

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Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn dYdX switches to a native channel on the Cosmos ecosystem. But why is the DEX abandoning Ethereum, the world’s most popular full Turing blockchain? The stock Exchange decentralized order book, dYdX, leaves the Ethereum blockchain to set up a native chain on the Cosmos ecosystem. The move comes as a … Read more

The dYdX exchange says goodbye to Ethereum… to the delight of Cosmos

The dYdX exchange says goodbye to Ethereum to the delight

Ethereum on the DEX blacklist? – dYdX is a decentralized exchange protocol evolving on a second layer ofEthereum (ETH). This differs from most DEXs by being based on a system oforder book. However, dYdX will now turn a page in its history and leave the Ethereum ecosystem in favor of that of Cosmos. dYdX sets … Read more