Are NFTs really collapsing? Enthusiasts continue to trust the market – BeinCrypto UK

Non-fungible tokens are starting to go out of fashion following the fall in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, some irreducible people undoubtedly think the opposite. Is the end of NFTs less close than we think? At the beginning of May, the crypto crisis still seemed far from the NFT economy. Despite the loss in coin value that transformed … Read more

Crypto Enthusiasts Bet The House On Creative Destruction

Earlier this year, an Irish company that hosts an annual tech conference in Toronto called Collision decided to celebrate cryptocurrency’s “day in the sun,” as the blurb put it, by inviting its luminaries to speak. . Oops. By the time Collision finally happened this week, 35,000 attendees showed up, but eight of the few dozen … Read more

NFT in sport: new investment from enthusiasts and speculators

NFT in sport new investment from enthusiasts and speculators

Posted Apr 12, 2022, 12:48 PMUpdated on Apr 12, 2022 at 12:51 PM What is an NFT? The name NFT is the acronym for the English ‘Non-Fungible Token’, in French a ‘non-fungible token’, that is to say that it is unique and not interchangeable. An NFT is a tamper-proof digital certificate of authenticity, whose ownership … Read more