How to stake on Ethereum? Generate passive income with your ETH

BAYC Yuga Labs unveils its new community council responsible for

While the rollout of Ethereum 2.0 with The Merge went off without a hitch, staking is now one of the best ways to put your dormant ETH to work and earn passive income from it. Here is our complete guide to staking your ETH with ease. The preferred platforms for staking your ETH So-called “solo” … Read more

Ether (ETH) on-chain analysis – How is the Ethereum network doing following the Merge?

Ether ETH on chain analysis – How is the Ethereum network

Following The Merge update to the Ethereum blockchain, on-chain demand and validator responsiveness metrics are plummeting, as ETH 2.0 custodians still have their heads under water, accusing a average latent loss of -30%. On-chain analysis of the situation. The Merge concludes with a remarkable technical success More than a month after The Merge and the … Read more

BTC and ETH predictions: will they be able to jump this month?

1666693652 BTC and ETH predictions will they be able to jump

On October 25, the price of Bitcoin showed a slight downside correction after being rejected at the $19,700 resistance line. On the other hand, theEthereum consolidates into a narrow trading range of $1,335-$1,360. Major cryptocurrencies traded on a rollercoaster ride, maintaining tight trading ranges, with a global crypto market capitalization of $931 billion and a … Read more

Investors withdraw ETH holdings despite successful Ethereum merger

Investors withdraw ETH holdings despite successful Ethereum merger

The observed drop in the price of Ethereum today aligns with the predictions of some experts and investors after the announcement of the merger. Many were pessimistic despite the media hype triggered by the project’s development team. Some investors have decided to play it safe to avoid the scenario that seemed to be emerging. When … Read more

Top crypto trend of the day September 22: PROS, BTC, XRP, ETH, CAKE, ETHw, ETC, LUNA, SHIB, LINK

Top crypto trend of the day September 22 PROS BTC

The bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market continues today with difficulty finding a balance. The overall value of the crypto market to date is estimated at $918 billion. This is far from the 959 billion dollars recorded over the past few days. It must be recognized that this unfavorable climate can be explained by several … Read more

Market analysis: what future for BTC, ETH and other cryptos?

Market analysis what future for BTC ETH and other cryptos

On October 21, the price of bitcoin has been choppy, trading between $18,950 and $19,200, in line with our previous prediction concerning him. On the other hand, at the start of the Asian session, theEthereum fell less than 1% to $1,282. At the beginning of October 21, the main cryptocurrencies were trading in the red … Read more

Ethereum The Merge: what are its benefits on the ETH blockchain?

Ethereum The Merge what are its benefits on the ETH

A little over a month ago, the ethereum blockchain was going through a massive update that was dubbed a merger or The Merge. This took place in several stages and transformed Ethereum from a blockchain based on mining to a platform focused on staking. Many effects due to this merger have been observed on the … Read more

Is Bitcoin (BTC) different from Ethereum (ETH)?

Tout ce quil faut savoir sur la merge

Bitcoin (BTC) and EthereumEthereum (ETH). Two cryptocurrencies, different stories. If the first is considered the king of cryptocurrencies, the second could be designated as the prince. For good reason, one hardly goes without the other, and the two digital assets are among the top cryptocurrencies on the market. They may be similar in one respect … Read more

Acheter Ethereum : où et comment investir sur la crypto Ether (ETH) ?

How to buy Avalanche AVAX explanations to get you started

Le jeton de la blockchain Ethereum, connu sous le nom d’Ether (ETH), est l’une des deux premières crypto-monnaies au monde. Sa capitalisation boursière le place juste derrière Bitcoin. Le principal attrait de cette monnaie numérique est son intégration au réseau Ethereum. L’Ether (ETH) est “l’essence” de cette blockchain, sa force motrice. Le réseau Ethereum offre … Read more

These hackers get their hands on almost a million dollars in cryptocurrencies thanks to the exploitation of this flaw in Ethereum (ETH)

Breaking News This Colossal Ethereum Whale Is Distributing 145000 ETH

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn About $950,000 worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from an Ethereum “vanity address” generated by a tool called Profanity. The exploit exploited a similar vulnerability related to the recent $160 million attack on market maker Wintermute. A “vanity address” is a type of cryptographic address that conforms to certain parameters set … Read more