The blockchain must evolve to be competitive. Here is the technological track of a major player in the field

The blockchain must evolve to be competitive Here is the

Many industrial, economic or societal sectors, such as banking, logistics, agri-food or health, see blockchain as a major innovation for securing and streamlining their digital transactions. Sometimes described as revolutionary, this technology, initiated by Bitcoin in 2008, often remains misunderstood and subject to justified doubts as to its mastery, in particular its economic and environmental … Read more

The Sandbox’s NFTs evolve with augmented reality – BeinCrypto

The Sandbox is constantly evolving to offer new features. Recently, the French start-up started exploring augmented reality through a new partnership. Non-fungible tokens are now manipulable Definitely, The Sandbox is always on the lookout for new things. After its partnership with the Slipknot group and the organization of a legal competition, the French start-up is … Read more