Bitcoin (BTC): A 47% drop is to be feared in 2022

Bitcoin BTC A 47 drop is to be feared in scaled

False hopes and real worries never end in the crypto universe. After several very short-lived rises, bitcoin (BTC) seems to be continuing to fall. There is a great temptation to resell one’s assets in haste. Other investors, for their part, prefer to hang on, take short-term losses and bet on long-term profit. In order to … Read more

Global Economy Feared To Hit Pain For Bitcoin And Crypto Investors

Bitcoin fluctuated around the $20,000 mark last night after days of turmoil fueling fears of a “crypto winter” that could send shockwaves through the global economy. The digital currency’s nose dipped to $17,772 over the weekend as investors continued to rush for the exit. With bitcoin down more than 30% this month and 70% since … Read more