Federal Home Loan Banking System to the Rescue of Crypto-Banks Silvergate and Signature Bank

Federal Home Loan Banking System to the Rescue of Crypto Banks

The two main banking partners of the crypto companies, Silvergate and Signature Bank, are also suffering the damage of a crypto market which will have seen one of the worst years in its young history. Cornered, they would have appealed to the FHLB to obtain large loans. Silvergate and Signature Bank, main partners of crypto … Read more

Huge seizure of federal prosecutors towards SBF, the former CEO of FTX

Huge seizure of federal prosecutors towards SBF the former CEO

Source: Reuters Federal authorities confiscated assets worth approximately $700 million belonging to Sam Bankman-Friedfounder of FTX en, including three accounts located at the Silvergate Bank where there were American dollars. According to a court document dated Friday, January 20, 2023, federal prosecutors seized about $525 million in Robinhood stock, $94.5 million in cash from a … Read more

Brazilian Federal Police Launches Operation Colossus, 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Involved

Brazilian Federal Police Launches Operation Colossus 6 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Involved

The Brazilian Federal Police and the Brazilian Tax Authority have launched the latest stage of “Operation Colossus,” a movement that has enforced hundreds of court orders against cryptocurrency exchanges, arbitration agents and bogus companies in four states of the country. 158 government agents, including 130 federal police officers, were involved in this operation, issuing search … Read more

Federal Government Freezes $30 Million In Cryptocurrency Stolen From Axie Infinity

Federal Government Freezes 30 Million In Cryptocurrency Stolen From

Federal investigators and private companies have seized $30 million in cryptocurrency stolen in March by North Korean gang APT Lazarus Group from a video game developer, the latest example of the growing skills of government and cybersecurity experts to track and recoup those ill-gotten gains. News of the seizure was announced this week during AxieCon, … Read more

Federal Government Recovers $30 Million Cryptocurrency Stolen By North Korean Hackers

Federal Government Recovers 30 Million Cryptocurrency Stolen By North Korean

Getty Images Cryptocurrency analysis firm Chainalysis said on Thursday it helped the US government seize $30 million worth of digital coins that North Korean-backed hackers stole from the game developer earlier this year. based on non-fungible tokens. Axie Infinite. – Advertising – Taking into account the more than 50% drop in cryptocurrency prices since the … Read more

Federal Reserve Issues New Guidelines For Crypto Banks

Federal Reserve Issues New Guidelines For Crypto Banks

Until now, US financial institutions that wanted to do both crypto transactions and traditional banking had to choose a path. That could soon change. The Federal Reserve issued official guidelines this afternoon to oversee the process by which “institutions offering new types of financial products or with new charterscould be granted so-called “master accounts,” a … Read more

India’s Federal Agency ED Has Freezed Crypto Exchange Vauld’s Assets Worth $46 Million

Lost money from mining 45 million crypto wallets Heres what

India’s Law Enforcement (ED) Directorate has frozen assets worth $46 million belonging to Vauld, which is a cryptocurrency exchange. In Vauld’s press release, the company said it disagreed with ED’s claims about Vauld’s KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. These assets seized by ED were found stored in bank accounts, payment gateway … Read more

Crypto Market Crashes One Day After US Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates

Mumbai: The crypto market declined, reflecting the selloff in US equities, after the US Federal Reserve announced a half-percentage-point hike in interest rates to contain inflation. As of 5 p.m. Friday, on Coinmarketcap, the global crypto market cap stood at $1.66T, down 7.73% from the last day. Following Wednesday’s US Federal Reserve meeting statement, the … Read more