The blockchain must evolve to be competitive. Here is the technological track of a major player in the field

The blockchain must evolve to be competitive Here is the

Many industrial, economic or societal sectors, such as banking, logistics, agri-food or health, see blockchain as a major innovation for securing and streamlining their digital transactions. Sometimes described as revolutionary, this technology, initiated by Bitcoin in 2008, often remains misunderstood and subject to justified doubts as to its mastery, in particular its economic and environmental … Read more

Senegal /Hydrocarbon exploration: Woodside’s point on the Sangomar field

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

Providing an update on the development of the Sangomar field offshore Senegal, Paul Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Woodside Energy, provided an overview of the latest developments on the project. Speaking on day two of the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2022 conference on September 2, Paul Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Australian oil exploration … Read more

Digitization of solutions: From brand protection to NFTs, how EDGYN is revolutionizing the field of digital authentication.

Anti-counterfeiting and digitization Po begin, it must be understood that counterfeiting today extends to medical, pharmaceutical, luxury, automobile, food and even cosmetic products. It is therefore crucial to use secure authentication solutions that are 100% reliable. Edgyn, formerly Arjo Solutions, with 20 years of historical know-how – as a holding company of Impala, a major … Read more

Big companies are groping in the field of cryptocurrencies

April 10, 2022 Today at 10:08 The use of digital currencies for everyday purchases remains very limited. Four years ago, the fast-food chain KFC tweeted from her Canadian account that she would allow bitcoin as payment for her chicken buckets. But the company later clarified that this advertising campaign was a joke that lasted only … Read more