Cardano (ADA): Complete success of the Vasil hard fork!

Cardano ADA Complete success of the Vasil hard fork

The wait was long for the hard fork Vasil of Cardano. But we have finally entered a new era. This upgrade promises several conveniences: thanks to it, the blockchain will become more scalable, less expensive and more efficient. Charles Hoskinson and his whole team must be thrilled. Promise kept for Vasil Like Ethereum’s The Merge, … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Vasil Hard Fork: Everything You Need to Know – BeinCrypto

Cardano ADA Vasil Hard Fork Everything You Need to Know

The Cardano (ADA) blockchain is ready for its Vasil hard fork update scheduled for September 22. Named after Cardano community member Vasil St. Dabov who passed away in 2021, this highly anticipated update is expected to bring drastic changes to the network, impacting transaction fees, network speed as well as the development of decentralized applications. … Read more

Ethereum Fork ETHW Drops 62% Just Weeks Before Merger

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

Earlier this month, a group of crypto miners launched a campaign to withstand the impending Ethereum meltdown, an event that end the practice of ETH mining—by bifurcating the Ethereum network and create an alternative, yet mineable form of ETH in the process. The new token offered by these miners, ETHW, initially attracted a good dose … Read more

Ethereum fails to break above the 1,800 mark and the last shadow fork is completed while bitcoin is on the rise. – Chatborgne

Ethereum fails to break above the 1800 mark and the

The cryptocurrency market maintained some of its gains from last week on Monday, even as Ethereum, the undisputed protagonist of the coming days due to the expected ‘Merge’ of its eponymous blockchain, gives up almost all of its recent gains. The second token by market capitalization, which is expected to complete the expected move from … Read more

OpenSea: the NFT platform will not support a possible fork of Ethereum (ETHW) – The ₿log

OpenSea the NFT platform will not support a possible fork

Once the infamous merger takes place, NFT marketplace OpenSea said it will only support the proof-of-stake version of Ethereum. On September 1, the company said it had decided to only support NFTs on the PoS chain, the new and improved version of Ethereum. OpenSea plans to exclusively support #NFTs based on the Proof Of Stake … Read more

Coinbase Reveals It Will “Evaluate Any ETH Fork Token Post-Merger”

The blockchain a remedy for the scourge of fake show

Coinbase has revealed that it plans to evaluate any potential forks arising from the upcoming Ethereum upgrade known as The Merge. In a recently updated blog post, Coinbase stated that if a new proof-of-work (PoW) Ethereum token is created, it “will be examined with the same rigor as any other listed asseton the company’s stock … Read more

Hard fork Vasil: Cardano founder reassures the community – BeinCrypto

Hard fork Vasil Cardano founder reassures the community BeinCrypto

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson assured that the deployment of the Vasil hard fork should continue without problems, provided that no other bugs are discovered. While attending a crypto conference in Santa Barbara, California, Charles Hoskinson launched a live video on YouTube in which he shared new information about the infamous hard fork Vasil. Two weeks … Read more

Crypto Exchange Poloniex To List Potential Ethereum (ETH) Hard Fork Tokens

Crypto Exchange Poloniex To List Potential Ethereum ETH Hard Fork

Ethereum is expected to launch the Merge upgrade to ETH 2.0 in September 2022. Poloniex, which was the first exchange in the world to accept both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, has announced that it will provide full support for the next Ethereum upgrade as well as any potential hard forks. If completed successfully, the merger … Read more

Monero more private and secure after running its latest hard fork – CryptoActu

Monero more private and secure after running its latest hard

Monero, the most popular blockchain for privacy, just ran a new hard fork this Saturday, August 13. This major upgrade provides several features that improve transaction anonymity and network security. Monero strengthens despite a hostile environment Monero continues to chart its course with a new hard fork executed on its blockchain, despite a very hostile … Read more

Monero completes a hard fork improving security and privacy. – Latest News

Lost money from mining 45 million crypto wallets Heres what

the Saturday August 13, Moneroone of the largest privacy protocols in the ecosystem, has run a protocol update. Indeed, it aims to improve several privacy and security features provided by the network. After almost 4 months of announcement, the hard forking was successfully completed at block 2,688,888 through the joint efforts of more than 70 … Read more