Cardano: ADA Soars After FTX Listing Announcement – BeinCrypto

Benoit Couty and Thuy Tien Vo pioneers and enthusiasts of NFT

Cardano sees its token climb again after Sam Bankman-Fried confirms that it will one day be listed. Cardano and FTX soon reconciled? Could the tide finally be turning in favor of Cardano? After a rather unstable month of October punctuated by the drop in his token and the passing unnoticed of the Vasil upgrade, Charles … Read more

Crypto: Binance and FTX Interested in Voyager Assets?

Crypto Binance and FTX Interested in Voyager Assets

Voyager is a company specializing in cryptography. In July, it was forced to suspend its transactions. Currently, it is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. Offers for Voyager assets are scheduled for September 6. If necessary, an auction will be held on September 29. The names of two crypto giants are among those interested in … Read more

La Bourse à Terme CME Envisage Le Courtage, S’inspirant De Son Rival Crypto FTX – Tech Tribune France

Stablecoin Markets Shift as Binance Begins USDC Conversions

CME Group Inc. a critiqué le plan de l’échange de crypto FTX visant à éliminer les intermédiaires sur les marchés à terme. Maintenant, le géant de la bourse de Chicago fait un pas dans la même direction. En août, CME CME,-0,86%a soumis des documents pour enregistrer un marchand de contrats à terme, ou FCM, essentiellement … Read more

$20 million for NFTs: FTX innovates with this new fundraiser

20 million for NFTs FTX innovates with this new fundraiser

The iPhone of NFTs, really ? – The NFT are, in the collective imagination, images protected by blockchain technology. But more and morevarious uses grow, ranging from video games to the metaverse but also at the tokenization of works of art. Today we are going to discover that they can also be “the launch key” … Read more

UK Financial Watchdog Issues Warning Against FTX Crypto Exchange

UK Financial Watchdog Issues Warning Against FTX Crypto

Britain’s financial regulator has warned consumers against trading with FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange run by billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, in the latest clash between UK authorities and offshore digital asset firms. The Financial Conduct Authority said the Bahamas-based exchange appeared to offer products and services in the UK without its permission, according to a statement posted … Read more

UK Regulator Warns Crypto Exchange FTX Provides Services Without BlockBlog Permission

UK Regulator Warns Crypto Exchange FTX Provides Services Without BlockBlog

Britain’s main financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has issued a warning about cryptocurrency exchange FTX operating in the UK without permission. “Almost all businesses and people offering, promoting or selling financial services or products in the UK must be authorized or registered by us,” the regulator said. FCA warns against operating FTX without … Read more

FTX – $1 Billion Seeks Acquisitions…and “Bailouts”? – CryptoNews

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

The platform FTX undoubtedly stands as one of the current leaders in the cryptocurrency industry. With a dazzling development, obviously accelerated by the bull market of 2021. And an internal management visibly more serious than the competition if we consider the indecent form it displays in the middle of the bear market. As proof, its … Read more

Indian Crypto Traders Are Turning To Binance And FTX, Here’s Why! – Tech Tribune France

Traitement TVA Des Services Fournis Par Les Plateformes Dechange De

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of crypto platform Binance, is serious about securing his position in the Indian crypto trading market due to a change in tax structure in India. Binance currently has an advantage over its competitors in the Indian market as it does not include high taxes or the difficulty of moving money to and … Read more

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Floats With FTX Trading Amid Crypto Volatility

Ontario Teachers Pension Floats With FTX Trading Amid Crypto Volatility

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), Canada’s leading occupational pension company, has revealed that its FTX trading bet carries the lowest risk of any asset class cryptographic, Reuters reported on Tuesday. The pension fund company further said that its investment in the FTX crypto trading platform has grown well during these uncertain times. – Advertising – … Read more