Uniswap Labs Holds $100 Million Fundraiser

Uniswap Labs Holds 100 Million Fundraiser

Uniswap, one of the major decentralized exchanges (DEX) in the crypto ecosystem, is currently in the process of organizing a fundraising in order to expand its decentralized finance related offer. According to a report published by TechCrunch on September 30, Uniswap Labs is seeking to raise $100-200 million for a new round of funding as … Read more

$20 million for NFTs: FTX innovates with this new fundraiser

20 million for NFTs FTX innovates with this new fundraiser

The iPhone of NFTs, really ? – The NFT are, in the collective imagination, images protected by blockchain technology. But more and morevarious uses grow, ranging from video games to the metaverse but also at the tokenization of works of art. Today we are going to discover that they can also be “the launch key” … Read more

NFT: First fundraiser for Doodles and new partnership

NFT First fundraiser for Doodles and new partnership

While the cryptocurrency universe has been falling for months, NFTs seem to go unnoticed. However, while cryptos hit the headlines, digital assets continue their journey and grow a little more every day. While some believe that NFTs have shown their full potential, doodles throws a denial on these opinions with its new collaborations. Pharrell Williams … Read more

500 million for web 3 and NFTs – Immutable X’s new fundraiser

Bullish – Immutable launches a new fund in favor of NFT and crypto games. It thus contributes to the development of web3, in full bear market for cryptocurrencies. Immutable X: half a billion for video games and NFTs Immutable X is a second layer ofEthereum (ETH) dedicated to NFT projects and web3 games. The platform … Read more