Brazil and Argentina: hand in hand to set up a common currency

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Two giants against inflation – The global Covid-19 pandemic (and all its consequences) have damaged many economies around the world. Since then, the whole planet has seen theinflation everywhere, sparing no sector, no economic agent. L’SilverInot is plagued by structural inflation that has lasted for decades. Monetary issues are among the major present and future … Read more

NFT: Rarible and Immutable X hand in hand for a better immersion in the web 3

NFT Rarible and Immutable X hand in hand for a

A convergence of interests for these two giants – After the effervescence of the bull market and the proliferation of projects NFT at several million dollars, the dust is settling on the ecosystem. After falling nearly 99% of volumes on the largest sales platformsonly certain collections, such as the Bored Apes where the CryptoPunksmaintain the … Read more