Crypto Hedge Fund Three Arrows Capital Defaults on $650 Million Loan

Placeholder while loading article actions Crypto broker Voyager Digital issued a notice of default to hedge fund Three Arrows Capital on Monday for failing to make required payments on a loan worth more than $650 million, the latest sign of financial turmoil that rocked the cryptocurrency world as the value of tokens on the market … Read more

Quantitative Hedge Funds Are Profiting From The Cryptocurrency Turmoil

Quantitative Hedge Funds Are Profiting From The Cryptocurrency Turmoil

A small group of hedge funds are taking advantage of the digital asset market turmoil that has already wiped billions of dollars off the total value of cryptocurrencies. Some computer-driven funds – which use algorithms to try to predict and trade price movements in crypto and other markets – have reaped gains from rapid declines … Read more

Cryptocurrency ‘Bloodbath’ Threatens Multi-Trillion Dollar Hedge Fund | Cryptocurrencies – Tech Tribune France

Cryptocurrency sector ‘bloodbath’ could claim another casualty, with co-founder of multibillion-dollar hedge fund Three Arrows Capital taking to Twitter to try to tackle rumors the company is insolvent following the market crash. With a net asset value of $18bn (£14.9bn) in its last public statement, the Singapore-based hedge fund was known to take large, highly … Read more

Majority Of Crypto Hedge Funds Extremely Bullish On Bitcoin Despite Price Weakness: PwC Study

Majority Of Crypto Hedge Funds Extremely Bullish On Bitcoin Despite

A new study from one of the world’s largest accounting firms reveals that the majority of crypto hedge fund managers predict a rebound for Bitcoin this year despite BTC’s shaky performance lately. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) shares data from a survey conducted by digital asset manager CoinShares in the first quarter of 2022, focusing on crypto hedge … Read more

PwC Survey Sees More Hedge Funds Investing In Crypto, Despite Volatility

Volatility in the sector hasn’t deterred more traditional hedge funds from investing in crypto, and more crypto-focused funds are being created as digital assets gain more acceptance, according to PwC’s 4e Global Crypto Hedge Fund 2022 Annual Report, released earlier this week. John Garvey, Global Financial Services Leader at PwC USA, said in a related … Read more

How Crypto Firms Hedge Their Bets Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

Entering new countries: check Diversify their product portfolios: check Facilitating peer-to-peer transactions: check Advertising These are some of the things that crypto exchanges in India are doing to minimize their risk at a time when they have yet to receive the blessing of the country’s central bank and have seen their trading volumes plummet after … Read more

Is Bitcoin A Hedge Against Inflation? Cryptocurrency Experts Weigh In

Is Bitcoin A Hedge Against Inflation Cryptocurrency Experts Weigh In

In the space of the past year, the value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has fallen from nearly $70,000 to less than $30,000, taking the entire crypto market with it. Analysts suggest the currency, dubbed by some “digital gold,” will continue to see further declines as the broader market braces for a potential “crypto winter” of … Read more

Disgraced hedge fund mogul Phil Falcone raises money for crypto TV network – CNET – ApparelGeek

Phil Falcone is looking to cash in on TV coverage of crypto assets — a bizarre attempt to reverse a decade-long slide from being a billionaire to pleading he’s broke. The fallen hedge fund star — who amassed a $2 billion fortune by shorting the housing market before squandering the riches over the past 10 … Read more

Legal Advisor to Cryptocurrency Investment Firms and Hedge Funds

Legal Advisor to Cryptocurrency Investment Firms and Hedge Funds

The cryptocurrency industry has seen pivotal growth. Over the past few years, several cryptocurrency investment firms and hedge funds have been major players supporting this growth. The in-house legal teams of these investment firms play a critical role and help navigate the complex and rapidly changing legal frameworks surrounding digital assets. Group of digital currencies … Read more