Cryptocurrency market crash: Cardano, XRP and Solana were hit hard again today. – Mag Mirror

Top 2 Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now and Hold for the

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Today turned out to be another dreadful day for the main crypto-currencies. Cardano (ADA 33.37%), XRP (XRP 20.47%) and Solana (SOL 20.93%) are among the top 10 tokens taking a beating. As of 12:45 p.m. EST, these three tokens have lost 11.5%, 9.4%, and 13.4% respectively in the past 24 … Read more

Crypto Exchange Vauld Eyes AUM Five-Fold Growth To Hit $5 Billion This Fiscal Year: CEO

Vauld, a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange, is eyeing a five-fold increase in assets under management (AUM) to $5 billion from $1 billion this fiscal year, said its co-founder and CEO Darshan Bathija. After closing its $25m Series A funding in July last year, this Singapore-domiciled cryptocurrency platform, which launched in 2019, saw a 10x growth in … Read more

Top Crypto Exchange Coinbase Hit With Class Action

Top Crypto Exchange Coinbase Hit With Class Action

Leading US-based crypto exchange Coinbase is targeted in a class action lawsuit that alleges its arbitration policies are unenforceable. In a recent court filing, a plaintiff alleges that Coinbase’s agreement to arbitrate under its terms of service is legally inadmissible because it strongly favors one party. “Under California law, a contractual provision is unenforceable if … Read more

North Korea, NFT And A Hit Video Game: Inside A $500 Million Cryptocurrency Heist | Blockchain – Tech Tribune France

LLast month, hackers got away with what was then worth more than $500 million from Ronin cryptocurrency network systems, in what is believed to be the second-largest cryptocurrency heist on record. . Ronin was a juicy target for a hacker. The blockchain project supports the hugely popular video game Axie Infinity, which, with around 8 … Read more

Cryptocurrency Payments Frozen Across India, Hit Trade

Cryptocurrency Payments Frozen Across India Hit Trade

When Surojit Chatterjee took the stage at a Coinbase Global Inc. conference in Bangalore, India on April 7, he had no reason to anticipate the fallout that would soon follow. Chatterjee, chief product officer of the company, told the gathered audience that crypto investors would now be able to use the country’s online retail payment … Read more

The NFTs hit the red carpet at the 2022 Grammys in music

1649665339 The NFTs hit the red carpet at the 2022 Grammys

NFT, music please! – The music industry has recently shown interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For good reason, musicians around the world are beginning to understand the value of moving away from centralized business models. Popular rapper Snoop Dogg has understood the principle well. This innovative artist recently acquired Death Row Records with the intention … Read more

Quantum Cryptographic Services Market: Is Poised To Hit Significant Value By 2031 Examined In New Research | MagiQ Technologies, Quantum XC, Qubitekk – Gabonflash

Excellent research of the global carbon block market to understand

“Global Quantum Cryptography Services Market 2022”: Global Market Size, Growth, Share, CAGR, Revenue, Current & Upcoming Trends, Key Players, Cost of Newly Launched Products and Services in the Market, Segmentation Study and Growth Forecast 2022-2031. The report of Quantum Cryptography Services Market is an authentic source of access to research information that is believed to … Read more

‘Potentially Dramatic’ – Bitcoin Could Hit $1.3 Million in This Radical Crypto Price Prediction Scenario

Potentially Dramatic Bitcoin Could Hit 13 Million in This

Bitcoin, after hitting all-time highs last year, has been somewhat stagnant so far in 2022, though traders are bracing for “big surprises” this week. Subscribe Now to Forbes CryptoAsset & Blockchain Advisor and successfully navigate the latest crypto price rally The price of bitcoin has fallen to less than $50,000 per bitcoin from highs of … Read more

Polkadot Price Prediction April 2022: Will DOT Hit $50 in April? – feat. Crypto Academy – Mirror Mag

1648548133 Polkadot Price Prediction April 2022 Will DOT Hit 50 in

Nonetheless, after facing resistance at $28, DOT experienced another downward push of over 40%, finding support at $15. After the price recovered slightly above $20, it continued to decline in the first weeks of February. DOT found support at $14 in mid-February, which was the inflection point for DOT in the 4-hour chart. The price … Read more

Cashio Hit For $28 Million; Figure Offers Crypto Mortgage

Cashio Hit For 28 Million Figure Offers Crypto Mortgage

Cashio, the Solana-based Stablecoin protocol, succumbed to an “infinite glitch” attack, according to the developers, Coindesk wrote on Wednesday, March 23. Cashio’s CASH stablecoin dropped in value to almost zero, an estimated loss of $28 million. CASH is pegged to the US dollar and backed by USDT and USDC. The attack manipulated Cashio smart contracts … Read more