Dogecoin Worth Millions Linked To Illegal Activities

Dogecoin Worth Millions Linked To Illegal Activities

Dogecoin price at time of writing – $0.06245 Infowars has so far raised over $1,700 (£1,383) in Dogecoin Its market capitalization has decreased by 1% in the last 24 hours Dogecoin is increasingly being associated with illegal actions including Ponzi schemes, funding psychological warfare and child sexual abuse material (CSAM), as another report by blockchain … Read more

WeChat – Cryptocurrencies and NFTs equated to “illegal activity” – CryptoActu

In the too long list of countries hostile to cryptocurrencies, China could serve as an example of the worst. Because it clearly manages to surpass Europe or France in the field, yet particularly virulent on the subject. With a power in Beijing accustomed to explosive announcements, the repetition and uselessness of which end up raising … Read more

Illegal Use Of Cryptocurrency Is Largely A Myth, Says Russian Legislator BlockBlog

Illegal Use Of Cryptocurrency Is Largely A Myth Says Russian

Only a small portion of cryptocurrency transactions have illicit purposes and the use of digital coins in illegal activities is mostly a myth, a senior Russian lawmaker recently said. Andrey Lugovoy, who is one of the MPs working on new crypto regulations, also said that Russia can become a world leader in crypto mining. Russian … Read more

US Court Fines Bitmex Founders $30 Million For Operating Illegal Crypto Platform BlockBlog

US Court Fines Bitmex Founders 30 Million For Operating Illegal

The Bitmex founders were ordered to pay $30 million “for illegally operating a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform and anti-money laundering violations.” Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed are to pay $10 million each. Bitmex founders fined $30 million The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced on Thursday that the United States District Court for … Read more