Crypto: imminent shutdown of a stablecoin similar to TerraUSD

Crypto imminent shutdown of a stablecoin similar to TerraUSD

The nightmare of TerraUSD (UST) is not about to be forgotten by its former investors, who lost over 30 billion dollar equivalents last May. The Luna Foundation stablecoin, created by Do Kwon (now wanted by Interpol) is certainly the biggest crash in the cryptocurrency world to date and has left its mark. For other crypto … Read more

A Bitcoin Rise Is Imminent, Says Analyst Who Predicted 2022 Cryptocurrency Crash

Understanding Blockchain in Just 3 Minutes The ₿log

Bitcoin has been through many hardships since its inception and investors and traders are feeling the agony of the crypto market meltdown this year. BTC is currently trading at $19,322 at the time of writing. Coingecko reports a 0.3% decline in the value of the token. This month, the crypto expert @woonomic tweeted that bitcoin … Read more

Dogecoin Co-Creator Claims Elon Musk Is a “Crogue” and Crypto Bubble Burst Is Imminent | Elon Musk | Cryptocurrency

The Australian co-creator of Dogecoin described Elon Musk as a “scammerwhich sells a vision it claims to understand when it doesn’t even know how to make basic code work. Jackson Palmer is an Australian-born software developer who created Dogecoin. He stopped working on this cryptocurrency in 2015 and has since denounced this technology. In a … Read more

Love It Or Hate It, The Crypto Vibe Change Is Now Imminent

Love It Or Hate It The Crypto Vibe Change Is

Last month, cultural critic Alison P. Davis published an article in The cup titled “A Mood Change Is Coming”. Will any of us survive it?” The “mood change” Davis was referring to had nothing to do with crypto. She was referring to a drastic shift in pop culture and social trends, especially given GenZ’s continued … Read more