Lebanese turn to crypto and decentralization as banks close indefinitely

Traitement TVA Des Services Fournis Par Les Plateformes Dechange De

The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced on September 22 the indefinite closure of all banks in the country, as depositors became aggressive about withdrawing their funds. Meanwhile, young Lebanese are turning to crypto to escape the financial crisis, which has been driving uptake since 2021. Due to the economic crisis, the government restricted … Read more

Crypto Game Untamed Isles Suspends Development Indefinitely, Offers No Refunds To Backers

Dozens of Crypto Platforms Affected by SEC Complaint

Advertising Another crypto game, Untamed Isles, is currently on “pause” due to the recent cryptocurrency crash, and crowdfunding backers are not getting their money back. The “monster-taming turn-based MMORPG” found success on Kickstarter in 2021 raising over $522,530, but as reported Gamer on PCdevelopment has stopped due to simple lack of money, nor will the … Read more