Reviews | What Should Cryptocurrency Industry Leaders Do To Convince Policy Makers In India? – Tech Tribune France

By Neelam Rani and Jatinder Handoo Childhood bedtime stories sometimes teach lifelong relevant lessons to be remembered regardless of age. Most would remember Aesop’s classic Fables “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Remember how the quick and clever hare in all its zeal and exuberance lost out to the slow but steady tortoise. The moral of … Read more

How to Buy Ethereum – Forbes Advisor INDIA – Tech Tribune France

While Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency based on the value of its coins in circulation, Ethereum is no slouch. With a market capitalization of over $331 billion, it is the second-largest form of cryptocurrency and enjoys the support of business leaders like Mark Cuban. Moreover, it is a profitable investment choice. If you invested $1,000 … Read more

Forbes India – From Cryptocurrency To NFTs: Should You Invest In Digital Assets? – Tech Tribune France

Forbes India From Cryptocurrency To NFTs Should You Invest

Image: Shutterstock /> Digital assets, the newly coined term, have attracted the interest of many investors and the general public. Although it is only in its infancy, it is evolving rapidly. And a common thing is the desire in everyone’s mind to invest in digital assets as an asset class. Before we even get to … Read more

Semiconductors: India bets on RISC-V and local factories to design its own chips

Semiconductors India bets on RISC V and local factories to design

The shortage of semiconductors and the tensions between the Trump administration and China’s Huawei have had the effect of a global electroshock in the face of situations of virtual monopoly in the development and manufacture of chips. And it’s not just the USA, China or the European Union that are worried about this: India has … Read more

Crypto for All: Master Binance Wants to Educate India

Crypto for All Master Binance Wants to Educate India

“In one is strength!” – The famous exchange Binance announced the launch of three key educational initiatives in India. These three initiatives will work together. They aim toeducate Indian investors and students on the ecosystem cryptocurrency and blockchain. Binance also pointed to lack of education as the major concern of Indian regulators and policymakers. In … Read more

India Orders Crypto Exchanges To Retain Customer Data For Five Years

India Orders Crypto Exchanges To Retain Customer Data For Five

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) has issued a directive affecting the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges in India. The document is published on the authority’s website, but at the time of writing it is only available through the web archive. CERT-in has mandated virtual asset service providers, VPN providers, and data centers to retain user … Read more

Forbes India – Cryptocurrency, NFT: From The Wolf Of Wall Street To A So-called Crypto Wolf

1650536482 Forbes India Cryptocurrency NFT From The Wolf Of Wall

Jordan Belfort at his home in Miami Beach, Florida on April 10, 2022. Belfort, the inspiration for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” bills himself as a cryptocurrency guru. (Scott McIntyre/The New York Times) MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Jordan Belfort was lounging poolside on a sunny April morning, sipping Red Bull and sharing an uplifting story. … Read more

Crypto Exchange Wazirx Founders Move to Dubai; But “it’s business as usual” at India Headquarters – Tech Tribune France

Crypto Exchange Wazirx Founders Move to Dubai But its business

The co-founders of India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange WazirX, Nischal Shetty and Siddharth Menon, have moved to Dubai, Business Today reported citing sources. Sources said the two moved to Dubai with their families even as WazirX continues to operate from its headquarters in Mumbai. WazirX employees are free to work from anywhere Currently, all employees of … Read more

Cryptocurrency Payments Frozen Across India, Hit Trade

Cryptocurrency Payments Frozen Across India Hit Trade

When Surojit Chatterjee took the stage at a Coinbase Global Inc. conference in Bangalore, India on April 7, he had no reason to anticipate the fallout that would soon follow. Chatterjee, chief product officer of the company, told the gathered audience that crypto investors would now be able to use the country’s online retail payment … Read more