Indian Crypto Exchanges In One Spot After Luna’s Delisting

Indian exchanges had delisted Luna and UST tokens earlier today. The value of the Luna token fell nearly 100% in May. However, while some blamed the exchanges for not allowing them to buy Luna, others feared that their investments were locked in the token. Luna is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on Indian exchanges, … Read more

Indian banks have raised concerns over the crypto UPI restrictions imposed by the NPCI.

Indian banks have expressed concerns over the restrictions crypto UPI imposed by the National Payments Corporation of India, or NPCIa specialized division of the Reserve bank of India which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Finance. The banks asked official ratings at NPCI. Soon a written opinion of the NPCI ? Many banks … Read more

Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Surpasses $2.1 Billion Valuation in New $135 Million Funding – TechCrunch

Indian Crypto Exchange CoinDCX Surpasses 21 Billion Valuation in New

CoinDCX doubled its valuation to $2.15 billion in eight months after $135 million in new funding, it said today, as the Indian cryptocurrency exchange seeks to expand significantly. aggressively aggressive its product offerings and talent base, including some to double compliances in the world’s second largest. internet market. Steadview and existing backer Pantera co-led CoinDCX’s … Read more

Indian Investors Reject MPs 50% Over ‘Ignorant’ Crypto Tax Request

1650009799 Indian Investors Reject MPs 50 Over Ignorant Crypto Tax Request

Crypto investors deem Indian politician’s tirade forgivable – Photo: Shutterstock Homegrown cryptocurrency investors last week rejected MP Sushil Kumar Modi’s call to raise India’s crypto tax to 50%, citing “ignorance” and irrelevance as it does not is not part of the Department of Finance. “I would freak out if the finance minister had made those … Read more

Bitgert To Be Listed On Indian Crypto Exchange, Easiest Way To Buy/Sell For Indian Community

Bitgert To Be Listed On Indian Crypto Exchange Easiest Way

by Analytics Insight April 7, 2022 Bitgert (BRISE) has been listed on SunCrypto, one of the largest and leading Indian Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges. The listing is a big step forward for the Bitgert coin and good news for the Indian crypto community, who will now be able to buy/sell BRISE in the native cryptocurrency, Indian … Read more

Crypto Transactions: Crypto Transactions Involving Indian And Foreign Currencies May Attract GST

Crypto Transactions Crypto Transactions Involving Indian And Foreign Currencies May

Mumbai: Transactions involving Indian exchanges and those outside India, especially involving the purchase of crypto assets that are traded in India, could fall under the target of the tax authorities. The tax department is looking into how exchanges that allow commerce in India manage their cryptocurrency float, and if there is any item or transaction … Read more

Indian fitness platform GOQii raises $10 million to expand its health metaverse TechRadar

Indian fitness platform GOQii raises 10 million to expand its

Indian fitness tech company GOQii has secured a further $10 million in an extended round of Series C equity funding from Hong Kong-based gaming software and venture capital firm Animoca Brands. This time, the investment will support the development of its healthcare metaverse, according to a press release. Founded in 2014, GOQii is a health … Read more

Indian Government Reveals 11 Crypto Exchanges Under Investigation For Tax Evasion, $13 Million Recovered

The Indian government has revealed that 11 cryptocurrency exchanges have been investigated by the country’s tax authority. About 95.86 crore rupees ($12.6 million) was recovered from them. 11 Crypto Exchanges Investigated for Tax Evasion The Indian government answered a few questions regarding the taxation of cryptocurrency exchanges on Monday in Lok Sabha, the lower house … Read more

Cryptocurrency Is Virtual, The Risks Are Real – The Indian Dilemma

Cryptocurrency Is Virtual The Risks Are Real The Indian

By Neelam Rani and Jatinder Handoo The current status Are cryptocurrencies and virtual digital assets (VDAs) illegal in India? While every investor would yearn to disentangle the true essence between the fine lines, the short and sweet answer is “no”, VDAs, of which cryptocurrencies are a form, are not illegal in India as of March … Read more

The Quit India In Crypto Movement May Accelerate; Singapore, Dubai, Us Lap Up Indian Talent

The Quit India In Crypto Movement May Accelerate Singapore Dubai

Four years ago, ZebPay, an exchange that at the time handled nearly half of all cryptocurrency transactions in India, closed shop and moved to Singapore. The decision was not sudden. It was becoming “crippling” for the business to operate after the Reserve Bank of India banned banks from doing business with crypto exchanges from July … Read more