Vision of the Battle Infinity metaverse could push the price of the IBAT crypto up

Vision of the Battle Infinity metaverse could push the price

Battle Infinity Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a Metaverse DeFi project hailed by the community for its enormous potential. According to experts, the IBAT cryptocurrency is among the assets with high growth potential in which it is absolutely necessary to invest. The particularity of Battle Infinity lies in its metaverse which is on its way to … Read more

The CEO of Battle Infinity (IBAT) will do an AMA on Saturday the 24th just before the staking launch

The CEO of Battle Infinity IBAT will do an AMA

The development team of Battle Infinity, a blockchain-based P2E game in the making, has planned an event Ask Me Anything (AMA) Where ask me anything. The event, which will take place on Saturday September 24, will provide an update on the next steps for the project. the CEO of Battle Infinity, Jagjeet Jena in person … Read more

Federal Government Freezes $30 Million In Cryptocurrency Stolen From Axie Infinity

Federal Government Freezes 30 Million In Cryptocurrency Stolen From

Federal investigators and private companies have seized $30 million in cryptocurrency stolen in March by North Korean gang APT Lazarus Group from a video game developer, the latest example of the growing skills of government and cybersecurity experts to track and recoup those ill-gotten gains. News of the seizure was announced this week during AxieCon, … Read more

Qu’est-ce que le jeton Battle Infinity crypto (IBAT), les jeux de combat NFT, Metaverse et P2E ? | PortailCrypto

Battle Infinity est une plate-forme de jeu avec plusieurs jeux de combat P2E qui est intégrée dans le monde du métaverse et s’appelle “The Battle Arena”. Dans le monde de Battle Infinity, les joueurs peuvent non seulement jouer et se battre, mais aussi profiter et découvrir le monde immersif de Metaverse, où ils peuvent interagir, … Read more

22 billion SLP in the belly – A whale shakes Axie Infinity (AXS)

rigged game – Last week, the community of the play to earn game, pioneer of the genre, trembled after the discovery of a wallet which has a little more than 22 billion Smooth Love Potions. Drunk on love potions, this wallet alone has 50% of the ecosystem utility token supplyAxie Infinity: Roninfreshly recovered from the … Read more

Big Eyes Coin & Axie Infinity: Ethereum-Based Projects With Excellent NFT Ecosystems

Big Eyes Coin Axie Infinity Ethereum Based Projects With

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn It’s no secret that virtual reality has been a hot topic in the tech world for quite some time now. This innovation has long since appeared in novels and films. Crypto enthusiasts were happy when this augmented reality entered the crypto space. Using blockchain technology, crypto innovators could now create … Read more

Axie Infinity (AXS): NFT sales plummeting

Axie Infinity AXS NFT sales plummeting

Fri 02 Sep 2022 ▪ 1:00 p.m. ▪ 5 min read – by Cédrick Aimé GUELANG OFALABEN The cryptocurrency industry is having a rather complicated year. The bear market affected almost all projects, including Axie Infinity (AXS) which displayed yet good resilience during the first trimester. Indeed, for four months, NFT sales of the Axie … Read more

Axie Infinity: Sales Drop Below $10M For Fourth Consecutive Month – BeinCrypto

Axie Infinity Sales Drop Below 10M For Fourth Consecutive Month.webp

The number of unique buyers and the average price of Axie Infinity NFTs continue to fall, which negatively reflects on the project’s sales. Axie Infinity is one of the oldest NFT projects. After bringing in millions of dollars from investors around the world, the project is starting to lose ground. A decline that can be … Read more

Axie Infinity – Who owns this address with more than 55% of SLP’s supply? – CryptoNews

Axie Infinity Who owns this address with more than

The cryptocurrency market is based on innovative and often quite simple rules. And among these, the principle of tokenomics makes it possible to determine the main lines of their distribution, as well as the total number available in the long term (supply). An internal policy decided at the time of their launch and – most … Read more

Bitcoin, the sinews of war – Axie Infinity hack loot converted to BTC

Bitcoin the sinews of war Axie Infinity hack loot

All Roads Lead to Bitcoin – Soon as famous as the game itself, the hackAxie Infinity keep talking about him. These are then, 73,600 ETH and 25.5 million USDC which were siphoned from a pool of cash belonging to Katana, the decentralized exchange of Sky Mavis, the parent company of Axie Infinity. Historically one of … Read more