Yellen’s call for ‘responsible’ crypto innovation is right | Cryptocurrency

Pennsylvania Congressman Glen Thompson has offered a thoughtful and well-articulated plan for “cryptocurrency regulation” that aligns with the US Treasury Department’s proposals. Janet Yellen, speaking recently at American University, made some scholarly and thoughtful remarks about the right approach to regulating currencies and digital assets, innovation, and the policies around them. The US Treasury Secretary … Read more

European regulation of cryptocurrencies: MiCA, brake on innovation or appropriate framework?

European regulation of cryptocurrencies MiCA brake on innovation or appropriate

The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) has taken on the difficult task of propose harmonized regulations to regulate the booming crypto-asset sector. The draft regulation, named MiCA for “Markets in Crypto-Assets” is part of the package of measures which aims to “unleash and strengthen the potential that digital finance can offer … Read more

Innovation & Startup: Agoracles, an example of the growing weight of NFTs in the art market | HelloBiz

Innovation Startup Agoracles an example of the growing weight

The successful launch of Agoracles, a collection of digital art in the form of NFT tokens, the first works of which sold out in a few minutes on Wednesday, illustrates the growing weight of digital and blockchain in the art market. Investors were not mistaken: NFT sales exploded in 2021 and the first quarter of … Read more

Innovation, funding, patents… How Web3 is revolutionizing research

1648390984 Innovation funding patents How Web3 is revolutionizing research

For regular readers of this column, Web3 is no longer an obscure neologism. It is a radical transformation of the way of writing computer code, with immense implications for the functioning of human organizations. It is nevertheless easy to scoff at the gap between this revolutionary ambition and the concrete results to which we are … Read more