Les “escrocs” Rôdent Maintenant Sur Instagram. Les Conseils De Cryptographie Peuvent Provenir De Comptes Piratés D’amis, De Cercles Connus – Tech Tribune France

Les escrocs Rodent Maintenant Sur Instagram Les Conseils De Cryptographie

New Delhi: “Wow, c’est tellement incroyable, je ne peux pas croire que l’exploitation minière de Bitcoin soit réelle. Je suis heureux de vous informer tous d’investir et de gagner dans la société minière Bitcoin dans les 3 heures. J’ai investi 50k en 3 heures, j’ai réalisé un bénéfice de 500k…. Voici la preuve. Dépêchez-vous et … Read more

Why NFTs on Instagram and Facebook Could Be a Problem

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Price Trades Above 25000 For The First Time

Non-fungible tokens can be published on Instagram and Facebook, here are the risks associated with the phenomenon. A decentralized future, halfway between a deus ex machina and a Ponzi scheme. The Metaverse, for now, is a pale utopia that sets out to find space and identity. Meta’s decision to land Nft on Facebook and Instagram … Read more

Instagram now integrates NFTs – The community fears the worst

Instagram now integrates NFTs The community fears the worst

A little dox with your NFT? – Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has for several months shown its appeal to NFT. Thus, the company has just added the possibility of publish your precious NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. A feature that raises some questions in terms of security. It has now been several years … Read more

After Instagram, NFTs land on Facebook

After Instagram NFTs land on Facebook

News hardware After Instagram, NFTs land on Facebook Published on 08/30/2022 at 18:45 As the NFT market registers its worst month since the beginning of the year, Meta has decided to expand the functionalities related to non-fungible tokens on Facebook. This news is hardly surprising since the parent company of facebook had already teased this … Read more

Meta expands NFT support on Instagram to 100 countries

Meta expands NFT support on Instagram to 100 countries

Last week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the firm is starting to support NFT on Instagram worldwide. After the initial launch of the social network’s NFT test in May, the expansion began. Users and businesses from over 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas will now be able to share … Read more

NFT on Instagram: Meta expands functionality to a hundred countries

NFT on Instagram Meta expands functionality to a hundred countries

Mark Zuckerberg made the promise last March, and launched a first trial phase some time later, NFTs on Instagram are now a reality. The CEO of Meta announced this August 4 via a Facebook post that the non-fungible token-related feature, called Digital Collectibles, is now available on Instagram in over a hundred countries. Users in … Read more

Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

1656498520 Instagram Stories will get NFT tets with Spark AR

Humanity is slowly moving towards the web3 and currently, all the major internet players are offering NFTs and are gradually migrating to blockchains. Moreover, even Yves Saint Laurent has its own NFTs. Today, it’s the turn of Instagram, one of the flagship products of the great Meta. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that with Spark … Read more

Les NFT prêts à déferler sur Facebook (Méta) et Instagram

Les NFT prets a deferler sur Facebook Meta et Instagram

Nos applications préférées bientôt peuplées de NFT ? – Meta, la société mère de Facebook et Instagram, semble réfléchir à permettre un accès direct aux NFT (non fungible tokens) pour ses utilisateurs. Serions-nous à l’aube de pouvoir montrer fièrement nos propriétés numériques à l’ensemble de la planète ? Facebook et Instagram prépareraient une fonctionnalité permettant d’afficher les … Read more