What Should Millennials Invest In – Stocks Or Cryptocurrency? – Tech Tribune France

What Should Millennials Invest In – Stocks Or Cryptocurrency

What should millennials invest in – stocks or cryptocurrency? (PHOTO: Getty Commercial) SINGAPORE — Stocks may be the best-known and easiest type of investment, but cryptocurrency also seems to be the next big thing in recent years. So what should millennials choose to invest in – stocks or cryptocurrencies? And is there a better option? … Read more

Interglobe IEG and TURK Ilac join forces to invest in pharmaceutical production in Africa

Following the 3rd Africa-Turkey Summit held in Istanbul in December 2021, TURK Ilac, a leading Turkish company in the production of medicines and vaccines, has put in place a joint action plan with Interglobe IEG to build seven integrated production plants on the continent, starting with Angola, Benin, Congo Brazzaville, Guinea, Mauritania, Nigeria and Senegal. … Read more

Forbes India – From Cryptocurrency To NFTs: Should You Invest In Digital Assets? – Tech Tribune France

Forbes India From Cryptocurrency To NFTs Should You Invest

Image: Shutterstock /> Digital assets, the newly coined term, have attracted the interest of many investors and the general public. Although it is only in its infancy, it is evolving rapidly. And a common thing is the desire in everyone’s mind to invest in digital assets as an asset class. Before we even get to … Read more

Generali continues to invest in technology with the first market transaction based on blockchain infrastructure

Generali continues to invest in technology with the first market

Generali Investments, via Generali Insurance Asset Management, on behalf of the French company Generali IARD, purchased on the secondary market security tokens of the digital bond issued in April 2021 by the European Investment Bank (EIB) . This transaction was carried out on the Ethereum infrastructure via Société Générale’s Forge solution, for an amount of … Read more

Want to Invest in Cryptocurrencies? Here’s An Easy Guide To Get You Started

Crypto or cryptocurrencies refer to digital assets created using cryptographic techniques and powered by blockchain technology to make transactions possible. The blockchain ledger is distributed and electronic, allowing network participants to audit and verify transactions without the need for a third party like central banks. Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency, created in 2008 by … Read more

5 cryptocurrencies set to explode in 2022-2023, perfect to invest now! – Mag Mirror

5 cryptocurrencies set to explode in 2022 2023 perfect to invest

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies now? Here are the top 10 that will explode in 2022. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is exploding. This is partly due to the skyrocketing prices of some of these crypto assets. Of course, Solana or Shiba is not the only cryptocurrency in the market. There … Read more

Bitcoin or Ethereum: which crypto should you invest in?

Bitcoin or Ethereum which crypto should you invest in

© Journal du Geek Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most widely used blockchains today. But are they really comparable? Although they have similarities, these two blockchains (as well as the associated cryptocurrency) are very different and do not seek to accomplish the same goal. To help you see more clearly, we offer a Bitcoin … Read more

GET IT ALL – Why it’s very risky to invest in NFTs

GET IT ALL Why its very risky to invest

Still mysterious for many French people, NFTs are a new bet for many Internet users. But the risk of losing everything is significant. These are three letters that question, make you dream, or irritate. NFTs (“non-fungible token”, or “non-fungible tokens” in French) have been talking about them for several months. Despite a concept that remains … Read more

6 Safest Cryptocurrency Trading Robots To Invest In 2022

6 Safest Cryptocurrency Trading Robots To Invest In 2022

Source: ctrlr.org When choosing a cryptocurrency trading bot, people often get confused. The main reason behind this is that there are a variety of options. It takes extensive research to identify which ones are the safest. As investing in digital currencies involves various risks, you should make sure to use safe software. Otherwise, it will … Read more

In Which Crypto To Invest Other Than Bitcoin? – News – Tech Tribune France

In Which Crypto To Invest Other Than Bitcoin News

dubai By Ankita Singh Published: Fri 15 April 2022, 11:53 There is no doubt that the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin, however, there are several thousand “altcoins” or alternatives to Bitcoin and all of them claim to be worthy of your investment. You are probably wondering by now, “if Bitcoin is number … Read more